Damage insurance works exterior insulation of house: estimate and explanations

The construction of a home and the realization of large-scale works are subject to insurance obligations to guarantee the liability of all stakeholders.

The repair of defects in the construction industry is based mainly on a presumption of responsibility which weighs for 10 years on the builders. To be effective, this plan is accompanied by a double obligation of insurance: a decennial insurance and a property damage insurance.

What is the use of damage insurance for exterior house insulation?

Insulating a house from the outside is efficient and easy to install. More and more individuals are carrying out thermal insulation work from the outside (ITE) in order to protect the external face of the walls of their house by the installation of a layer of thermal insulation and a finishing coating. , or by applying an insulating coating. Insulating coatings are booming because they have the advantage of reducing thermal bridges more effectively.

Whatever the nature of the planned external insulation work, it is essential to take out structural damage insurance before starting the work. This contract makes it possible to obtain rapid compensation in the event of a claim. In this situation, it is up to the insurance company to turn against the responsible parties who must hold a ten-year insurance contract.

What does the structural damage insurance cover?

It is important to remember which damages are covered by structural damage insurance. These are those covered by the ten-year guarantee. The following are therefore covered: disorders which affect the solidity of the house or make it unfit for its purpose, damage caused to inseparable items of equipment (the removal or replacement of which cannot be carried out without deteriorating the building).

Certain conditions must be met in order to assert thedamage insurance work exterior insulation of house :

  • The client must have given a formal notice to the builder to remedy the defects;
  • The formal notice must have remained ineffective;
  • The construction contract must have been terminated.

Tariff of damage insurance works exterior insulation of house

The price of structural damage insurance varies according to several criteria assessed differently by insurers:

  • The type of project (construction of a single-family house, extension or exterior insulation work, etc.);
  • The location of the project and the price of real estate;
  • The scale and cost of the project;
  • The materials and construction techniques used;
  • The quality of the technical staff;
  • Whether or not to subscribe to optional guarantees.

For an individual, the cost of structural damage insurance corresponds on average to 6 to 7% of the cost of the construction or of the amount of the work, against an average price of 1 to 3% for a professional.

Tips for finding the best DO exterior home insulation insurance

Are you planning to carry out insulation work from the outside of your house? To benefit from best book damage insurance contract, do not hesitate to compare the offers offered by insurers. To save time, you can use a 100% online comparator by filling out a quick form. The tool will be based on the information provided (type of project, amount and duration of the work, level of skills and experience of professionals, desired guarantees) to submit you quotes corresponding to your criteria.

If after several weeks of research, you are unable to find a contract that meets your expectations or your budget, contact the Central Pricing Office (BCT) which will require an insurer to take care of you at the fixed rate. But before that, put all the chances on your side by calling on a broker!

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