Dark bathroom: 10 decorating ideas to gain in brightness

Does your bathroom seem too dark? In the morning when you enter it, you feel oppressed and have only one desire: go back to bed? It’s time to transform your room into a luminous oasis of well-being. It’s entirely possible. Just because it’s dark, because without a window, for example, doesn’t mean you can’t make it bright and pleasant. Because there are many ways to make your bathroom beautiful and bright. Here are 10 decorating ideas to transform your dark bathroom into a little paradise.

1 – Favor indirect light

Indirect light, unlike direct light, does not focus on lighting a specific object. Rather than illuminating a particular area, it highlights a much larger area. And this in a much more harmonious way. The most natural indirect light there is from the sun when it passes through a window and illuminates the room in a soft and uniform way. In dark or windowless bathrooms, indirect lighting often works small miracles. Because the lights attached to the side of the mirror or above the sink give off a soft and pleasant light. So you need to install not only lights on the ceiling, but also on the walls in order to create uniform brightness.

2 – multiply the small lights

The more, the better: better to have a lot of small lights. With several small lights, you give your bathroom even brightness and lighting. For example, you can install small spots in a suspended ceiling. You can recreate a ceiling like a starry sky. Starry skies come in different designs, some with different effects, such as color changes for example.

3 – go for light colors

Light colors are essential in a bathroom that wants to shed its chronic darkness. Choose or make the walls, ceiling and your furniture bright. Most importantly, the ceiling should be white, since a dark or colored ceiling has a very oppressive effect. In addition, light, fresh and modern colors make your room appear larger and the right lighting allows you to start the day in great shape in the morning.

4 – bet a lot on LED bulbs

To optimize the lighting conditions in your bathroom, free it from neon lights and other uncomfortable lighting. The difference between conventional bulbs and LED bulbs is not necessarily visible to the naked eye, on the other hand, when they illuminate, it is obvious. LED bulbs tend to be closer to natural light. In general, LED lights are very similar to daylight. LED light strips, also called LED strips, which you can place invisibly behind the taps in your bathroom, for example, are particularly suitable for indirect lighting. Often it is even now possible to determine the brightness, color temperature and color of these LED lamps.

5 – Cheat by creating a decorative fake window

Can’t imagine a bathroom without a window at all? Or would you like to have a bigger one rather than the simple little window already in your room? In this case, DIY an extra one yourself! Take a window frame and dress it up with frosted glass and light it up from behind. Hang your bathroom decorative window in a particularly dark place. This fake window is sure to catch all eyes.

A large landscape photo can have a similar effect. Images that show open landscapes allow the eye to wander outdoors, as through a window. It also ensures visual depth and breadth. Simply shoot your favorite landscape and have it printed in window format as an adhesive film. Then glue the sheet onto a thin plywood board. Then attach light sources, such as small LED lights, to the back of the set, on the wall, and you will have a bright view outward. You can also decorate with beautiful scenery and panoramic views in your bathroom with photo wallpaper. Just take care that this wallpaper is designed to withstand the humidity of a bathroom.

6 – Enlarge your room with mirrors

A large mirror is a staple in a dark bathroom. Mirrors are essential because they reflect the light and make the room appear larger. The mirror should be placed so as to reflect the light, even if it is artificial.

7 – choose a glass shower stall rather than a shower curtain

If possible, avoid an opaque plastic shower curtain or shower screen, as they visually reduce the size of your bathroom. Instead, a glass shower enclosure gives your bathroom an open, light and airy look.

8 – think of accessories that make your bathroom brighter

Do you think you have to go without plants in your bathroom due to lack of light? There are special lights that make sure your plants get enough light. Green plants and flowers give naturalness and liveliness, especially in a dark bathroom. You can also fill everyday objects like bottles or jars, with cotton wool, soap, shampoo. These pretty accessories will give character to your bathroom and make it more lively. Even a small decoration can have a big effect: put up candles or fairy lights and their soft light reflects in the water and creates wonderful lighting effects. In addition, the light of the candles creates a warm and romantic atmosphere.

9 – choose discreet furniture

If your bathroom is dark, don’t overcrowd it with imposing furniture. Choose rather low furniture and light colors.

10 – Open your bathroom to your bedroom

Of course, this idea cannot be realized in all homes. But depending on how your interior is designed, you may be able to open up your bedroom, if it’s adjoining, to your bathroom. You have the choice between breaking the partition entirely or opening the wall in its upper part or installing a glass roof.