Dark bedroom: 10 decorating ideas to gain brightness

Do you often feel tired or just in a bad mood at home and you don’t know why? Take a close look at your room and consider: is there enough natural light entering it? Do you cope badly with sleeping in a cave? Are you one of those people who dream of lighting their room too dark in order to come out of the dark? It doesn’t matter that the orientation of your room is not the most optimal or that natural light cannot enter it. Does the mission to bring light seem impossible to you? However, there is no need to make big changes. Simply by adding or changing certain things, you will have a brighter room. So start by implementing these 10 decorating ideas.

1 – A rather minimalist decoration

Let’s start with the simplest: with a sober decoration, you will be more comfortable in your room. Cleaner, more orderly, your less busy room will appear brighter to you. Why ? Well, because in a visually ordered space, the light circulates without hindrance and sneaks into every corner. It doesn’t seem like much, but between a very furnished room and a more refined room, the difference is very noticeable. If you have a room full of items and furniture, sort it out. Once everything is clear and in order, you will find that it allows the light to reach every corner.

2 – light textiles

Light textiles capture light better than dark textiles. Fortunately, the bedroom is a space that requires a lot of textiles. Enjoy it! Dress your bed, for example, with light textiles in earth tones, white and other warm tones. This will make your room brighter and warmer. Take the test. Change this dark gray bedspread for a white duvet and you will immediately see the result.

3 – Mirrors here and there

Mirrors are decoration classics. Many sites talk about the benefits of mirrors in interior design, and we can continue to do so: A mirror instantly reflects and multiplies the light it receives. It is a way to make a room more luminous but also larger visually. Here is an inexpensive idea, no need for big expenses to implement it.

4 – Lighter floors

If you have a dark floor in your bedroom, you can brighten it up by adding light rugs. This may sound like little advice to you, but the change will be dramatic. As said before, light colors have the ability to reflect a greater amount of light. If you consider the floor to be a decorative element that has great aesthetic value and you are ready to change it, go for light and shiny colors in order to make your room bigger and brighter. With wood, it is even more true. It will make your room even warmer.

5 – White for painting and decoration

How to make a room brighter? Simply paint it white. It is not a question of enlarging the room, but of making it brighter, and white is the undeniable solution since it reflects up to 80% of the light it receives. It is the color that reflects the light the most. In order not to fall into the trap of creating a sanitized, cold, and lifeless environment, you can use different shades of white, especially those that are a bit warmer than pure whites like off-white. If the white has blue tints, it will be a cool white but will visually make it brighter. However, if the white has more creamy shades, the bedroom will take on a nice warm shade.

6 – Mirrors on cupboard doors

Whether it’s a new cabinet or a closet you’ve had for a long time, have them covered with mirrors in their entirety. This will multiply the light making the room brighter and visually more spacious. If this option is not viable or not feasible for you, you can go for vinyl mirrors that are very easy to install and inexpensive. They are extremely easy to install on smooth, flat cabinet doors, and so you will multiply the light and space, visually speaking.

7 – Curtains to remove

Curtains are practical and decorative textile elements that provide privacy and add aesthetic value. However, they are not compulsory. For example, the vast majority of Nordic homes do not use curtains. It’s not that they haven’t always opened them, it’s that they don’t use them directly. Even though you still have the curtains open, they limit the amount of light that comes in, you just need to take the test. Take them out for a while and you’ll find that despite being open, they were stealing the light from you. If you don’t want to take them off, put on light, airy white curtains that let in more light. Of course, anything in front of your window, such as furniture for example, can also block the entry of light. Moral: clear your windows!

8 – Window cleaning

Simply that: just clean your windows. Dirt creates layers and makes the window more opaque. Dust leaves a layer that removes natural light and prevents the room from being brighter.

9 – Light colors for your furniture

Either you buy new furniture, and there are many light colors such as light woods (pine or birch) or white lacquered furniture, or you repaint them with white paint or in very light tones.

10 – Decompartmentalization between your bedroom and the bathroom

If this is feasible and your bathroom is bright, you may want to consider knocking down a partition and opening your bedroom to the bathroom. Light will flow more freely in both rooms.