Database compiles 3.2 billion logins and stolen passwords

The CyberNews site has published a database called COMB containing logins and passwords stolen from 3.2 billion accounts, including Netflix and LikendIn companies.

Massive hacking of 3.2 billion accounts

The CyberNews infromation site published Friday, February 12, 2021, a database containing 3.2 billion logins and passwords stolen by cyber hackers during attacks targeting Netflix and LinkedIn companies. This database was titled COMB, like Compilation of Many Breaches, or in French compilation of numerous violations.

In addition to this census, the database is built around an internal search engine that allows you to check if your email is one of the username and password stolen. However, while the search engine can confirm that an email address has been hacked, it cannot specify which account it is. However, it should be noted that the information contained in the COMB database does not come from a single hack but is a compilation of several.

How to protect your personal data

Thus, to check if his email address is one of the 3.2 billion stolen, all you have to do is type his email address in the search engine of the COMB database via CyberNews. If it is not one of the addresses stolen, good news but if bad luck is on your side, you must react very quickly.

It is imperative to change all the passwords affiliated with this email address, in order to avoid any risk of additional hacking. Indeed, Netflix, for example, is one of the companies that has suffered a wave of piracy, so your bank details are no longer sufficiently protected if your email address has been hacked. So, opt for different passwords for each account but also for more complex passwords consisting of numbers, special characters and capital letters.

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