Decathlon tackles the sale of sports trips – economy

The giant Decathlon is diversifying and is launching an online sports travel sales offer. An adventure that the group had already attempted in 1993.

The sale of sports trips, Decathlon’s new hobbyhorse

The information comes from the specialized site Tom Travel, Decathlon launches a new Decathlon Experience platform. The latter aims to offer Decathlon customers sports trips. A new bowstring of the company which arises in intermediary.

Thus, Decathlon offers its customers tailor-made their next vacation but through the prism of sport. As an intermediary, the company will offer accommodation, ski passes, equipment rental or even all the necessary insurance.

The service offers an offer for winter sports and was to be launched at the beginning of 2021, however in view of the health situation, Decathlon ” meet at the opening of the ski lifts . If for the moment, only skiing is at the heart of Decathlon Experience’s offer, the site is tending to diversify and to offer around sixty different sports themes.

Decathlon Experience, the group’s second foray into the travel sector

Asked by the site Tom travel, Director of Operations at Decathlon Experience, Matthieu Robert explained the company’s role as intermediary in this new adventure: “ We don’t create anything, we offer them the visibility of Decathlon “. For Matthieu Robert, this diversification of Decathlon’s services was essential. ” From a seller of products, we turn into a seller of practices “.

Decathlon had already entered the travel market for the first time in 1993. Six specialized agencies had been set up in the heart of certain stores but without really succeeding in establishing a lasting hold. The group therefore gave up ten years later in 2003.

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