Deconfinement 3, phase 2: what will change on May 19, 2021

The French, and especially professionals, are impatiently awaiting Wednesday May 19, 2021: this is the date on which activity can resume. Because if the French have been deconfined since May 3, 2021, in fact the situation has hardly changed, apart from the return of the children to school and the possibility of moving. On May 19, 2021, on the other hand …

Reopenings everywhere … but with strict gauges

On May 19, 2021, it will be phase 2 of Deconfinement 3, this time with major changes: shops and bars and restaurants will be able to reopen. The government, through an interview granted to the Parisian by Jean Castex, once again detailed the measures that remain in force.

As for bars and restaurants, it will not necessarily be a joy: only establishments with a terrace will be able to open it (i.e. less than 40% of establishments in France) and only 50% of the capacity with tables of six people. maximum. As for the hotels, the outdoor spaces will be accessible to all, while the interior rooms will be reserved for customers who have a room.

The traders, them, will obtain on May 19, 2021 as planned the right to open, whatever the products they sell: this is the end of the list of “essential” and “non-essential” products. The gauge set is that of a customer every eight square meters.

Same gauge for museums and monuments, again open to the public, while cinemas, theaters and seated concerts have a very low limit: 35% of the room’s capacity (i.e. 35 people for a 100-seat room), and 800 spectators maximum.

Two more deconfinement phases after phase 2

The gauges and limits remain high, which could slow down some professionals, especially those with small terraces. This is one of the fears of the sector, while it hoped that in the departments least affected by the pandemic the gauge would have been raised or even abandoned.

But the big ones forgotten are the owners of discotheques: it is the only sector which has no announced reopening date, excluded, in fact, from deconfinement 3. Alain Griset, Minister of SMEs, would however have promised them visibility from the June 15, 2021, therefore with a potentially reopening for the summer, a more than strategic period, especially in resorts.