Deconfinement: Emmanuel Macron confides in an interview with college students

Even as elected officials, traders and unions demand more information on the government’s deconfinement strategy, Emmanuel Macron confides in college students during a virtual meeting.

“Flexibilities for this summer”

During a virtual meeting, Tuesday April 6, 2021 with a third class, the President of the Republic let himself go to some confidences on the post-containment. Information that elected officials and traders, among others, have been demanding since the announcement of the establishment of a third confinement.

If he mentioned the strategy that his government wanted to put in place for deconfinement, Emmanuel Macron kept a certain reserve, promising nothing. Finally trying, since faced with students’ questions about the summer, the Head of State promised: “ There will be relaxations for this summer and yes, the shops will reopen there, from mid-May “.

A gradual deconfinement in perspective

However, if he promises deconfinement in May and relaxations for the summer, Emmanuel Macron tempers specifying: ” we will reopen less quickly than on May 11 “. A very gradual deconfinement to avoid an epidemic runaway at the reopening. He also told the students that “ until the end of the school year, there should be no further confinement.

Emmanuel Macron still wanted to defend the health policy he has been leading for more than a year. ” The question is, at what price do you have this? Germany has had to close its schools and non-food businesses since mid-December. That it decreases and that there are beginnings of reopening, yes. But in proportion we should have done three months of strict confinement? I want to think backwards: I prefer to tell myself that we have preserved the life of our country thanks to proportionate measures “.