Denouncing: a new republican ethic? – EconomyMorning

The ETHIC movement (EIndependent Human Size and Growth Firms) considers it its duty to launch an alert against the process of paid denunciation, widely encouraged by the government and in particular by Bercy.

Remunerating informers henceforth referred to as “Bercy informants” (more ethical?) Is contrary to our Republican ambition and to a collective morality, believe the business leaders.

This is not to deny the serious problem of tax evasion and concealment which is quite reprehensible, in particular at the international level. The exception can prove the rule if it puts the economy at risk.

But this denunciation is spreading in society and spreading oil: spying on your neighbor to denounce him to the FISC or for any other reason is not tolerable and should not be rewarded. It is adding to a form of immorality an “unjust enrichment” which should challenge the Ministry of Finance?

A duty of RESISTANCE in the face of these processes is essential. Denouncing one’s neighbor should only be encouraged in the case of violence against others, except to destroy the most elementary moral principles.

When is the Covid whistleblower bonus? The crisis of confidence at all levels in our society can only increase in the face of such practices. »: Declares Sophie de Menthon, President of ETHIC.

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