Destructive cat: how to solve the problem of the cat that destroys everything at home?

Have a rampaging cat can quickly become hell and the master risks catching his little companion in flu. However, the situation can be improved in many cases. For this, we must begin by understanding the causes in order to find solutions to stop the rampage. A cat does not destroy its environment by play. It is a behavior disorder which must be taken seriously. Let’s do a check in.

Rampaging cat: possible causes

It is not to upset its master that a cat is destructive in the house, but through this behavior – unbearable, let’s face it – the animal expresses a malaise which can have different origins.


Some cats cannot stand the solitude. All the members of the family have to do is leave the house for them to claw the sofa, nibble on an electric wire or attack green plants … Even if the kitty is known to sleep at least 16 hours a day, he has need to take care when it is left to itself in a dwelling. If he has no chance to play, he can morph into an uncontrollable tornado.


You don’t feed a cat like a dog. The kitty must have a kibble dispenser as well as a water bowl. If he’s home alone all day and his mess tin is left desperately empty, he’ll search for food one way or another, climbing the kitchen shelves even creating an unspeakable mess and breaking glass jars used to shelter dry groceries from dust. Some cats are able to to persevere with claws on a cupboard door in order to open it to steal something to eat.


It is frequent in case ofhyper attachment, so that we can find a destructive behavior at a fusion cat with his master. The animal becomes aggressive when it is no longer cared for, or jealous as soon as the breeder turns his attention to another animal and even to a person.

The fear of abandonment is also a distressing situation. It is common in cats that have been abandoned. It’s a traumatic situation which considerably impacts the behavior of these neglected animals.

Anxiety is also often felt following a early weaning. A kitten which is separated from its mother for any reason whatsoever (gift, sale, death of the cat …) before having been totally weaned also suffers from the fear of abandonment as soon as its master is absent.

Destructive cat: the solutions

We can try to use the following solutions to try to improve the behavior of your ravaging cat.

Offer him cat toys so that he has fun when he is alone. This can perfectly distract his attention from the furniture in the house that he will not deteriorate if he can take care of it otherwise. The interactive games are also of great use because they allow the teacher to share moments of complicity with her little feline. This is very important for example for reassure a fearful or anxious cat. In the same vein, we complete the panoply with the food dispenser toy which should distract the kitty a good part of the day.

We can install a cat tree, a scratching post with catnip, a promontory in front of a window, a cardboard box in which he can hide … In this way, the house becomes an environment more suited to the little feline who should find a certain balance and calm down there.

We can also succeed in calm a cat a bit too much nervous or aggressive by spraying pheromones in spray at different places in the house or by plugging in a Streamer with electric pheromones.

The particular case of the overly fusional cat

In the case of hyper attachment, the animal suffers from very high dependence on his master. It is clear that once alone he risks, despite the solutions previously discussed, of continuing to destroy everything in the house. Being alone leads to pathological stress. The kitty can self-injure in addition to urinating everywhere, nibbling the upholstery of armchairs and lacerating curtains and wallpapers with its claws.

You can only get good results a lot of patience and without never punish the kitty regardless of the damage he caused. You have to try to change certain habits. With a cat that is too dependent because it is ultra attached to its owner, it is essential to replace cuddling sessions with interactive games. This sort of umbilical cord that connects it to its breeder needs to be cut.

To do this, the best solution is to entrust the distribution of food to a third person as well as the daily brushing so that the little feline can accept without suffering that contact with his master decreases. At the same time, any solicitation of the cat with regard to its breeder must not systematically give rise to attention or to the distribution of treats, which is also an important step in thedetachment learning. The kitty should gradually become more independent and better accept the absences of his master without being destructive.

If nothing helps after several attempts, then there is no choice but to consult a veterinary behaviorist. The problem may be very deep and this requires the cat to be taken care of by a specialist.

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