Discover some of the oldest cities in Brazil and their stories

Our country is rich in diversity, culture, tourism and natural beauty. But does everyone know the ancient cities who are also rich in history? Well, it is through the past that we build our future. Check out some of them now.

Oldest Brazilian cities

Cananéia – Coast of São Paulo

Historic Cananéia is located at the southern end of the São Paulo coast, approximately 264 km from the capital. In addition to being the oldest in the country, founded in 1531, the city is a World Heritage Site by Unesco (United Nations Educational Organization) and was also elected by the American magazine Condé Nast Traveler as the best ecological itinerary in the world.

The first settlement in the Brazil was founded in Cananéia and, today, with just over 15 thousand inhabitants, the city has beautiful beaches, squares, the Historic Center, Museum and much more.

São Vicente – SP

São Vicente is a municipality in the Microregion of Santos, in the Santos Metropolitan Region. It was founded in the year 1532. In the past, it had its first village in Portuguese America, the city is a monument of the country’s history. Its beaches, islands and bridges are charming. Check out some of its main tourist attractions:

Olinda – PE

Located 6 km from Recife, in addition to being known for frevo and its carnival full of colors and dolls, the city of Olinda, which was founded in 1535, is also the oldest among the Brazilian cities declared Historical and Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO and was the second historic center in the country to receive such a title.

Full of culture, frevo and maracatu are the original rhythms of the city of Pernambuco.

Salvador BA

The city of Salvador was created in 1549 and was declared the first capital of Brazil. Because of the problems that Brazil faced while it was still a colony of Portugal, the Portuguese government appointed Tomé de Souza as governor-general of Brazil and his first decision was to declare Salvador the first capital, and so it was for 214 years.

The culture of the Bahian capital for the most part is, on the one hand, the Catholic religion and, on the other, Candomblé. This mixture can be seen in the cuisine, cultural manifestations and personality of the Bahian people.

Sao Paulo-SP

São Paulo is the most populous city in the country, the American continent and the entire southern hemisphere. Founded in 1554 by Jesuit priests, today it adds great influence to the economic, political and cultural scene in Brazil and worldwide.

With 12 million inhabitants, the city of São Paulo has museums, theaters, parks, famous avenues, events and a lot of diversity. In the country’s history, São Paulo, together with Minas Gerais, elected candidates for the presidency, with the famous republic of Coffee with milk.

Did you know that in Sampa we consume more than 1 million pizzas a day? It is for these and other reasons that São Paulo is the destination of many tourists.

So, do you know or did you want to know some of these beautiful cities ?!

By Marianne Xavier – Speak! Cruzeiro do Sul University

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