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Introduction : Russian Tourism

It is known for its natural and architectural beauty, as the country offers places for all types of visitors: adventurers, historians and art lovers. Its best-known attraction is the Bolshoi Theater, which is located in Moscow.

The neoclassical architecture theater has a capacity of two thousand spectators and was inaugurated in 1825. To follow a performance in the theater you have to be quick. Tickets at the box office sell out quickly. Ticket sales start three months before the performances. Ticket prices exceed one thousand rubles, that is, approximately seventy reais. Check out the main attractions that cannot be left out of this tour!

Bolshoi Theatre. | Photo: Reproduction.

Tourism in russia

Historic tourist attractions

Located on the European continent, Russia has hotels, castles and museums that recall the history of both the Czars, the Middle Ages and even the Byzantine era. Chersonesos, an ancient Byzantine Greek colony is located in Sevastopol, on the edge of the sea. The ruins preserved over time include a museum of Byzantine art and an Orthodox chapel dating from the 19th century. To reach the site, it is necessary to take a bus trip from the city of Sevastopol.

Another notable historical attraction is the Hotel Metropol, located in Moscow. The hotel has a swimming pool, wi-fi, gym and is located close to the main tourist attractions in the city. The hotel was built in 1905 and used as a fortress by the Russian Iunkers against the Bolsheviks. On the hotel’s facade, you can see a mosaic depicting a young knight dying at the feet of a princess. Almost 80% of the luxury hotel portrays the former Russian Empire within. In addition, the hotel has more than 300 rooms.

The Winter Palace, which is now located in the Hermitage Museum, in St. Petersburg, is for museum admirers. The Hermitage has a collection of more than 2,500 items in prehistoric art from the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages alone. In the museum you can also see the collection of European art, Russian culture, oriental art, weapons, coins and a library with more than seven hundred thousand copies. Full admission to the museum costs around 700 rubles, or thirty-eight reais. But on the entire first Thursday of the month, admission is free.

Natural Beauties

Russia, with its territorial extension of more than seventeen million kilometers, has volcanoes, beaches and even steppes. The Kuril Islands, under Russian administration, have thermal waters, waterfalls and untouched forests. There is a volcano on the easily accessible islands called Mendeleev. The islands are distant from Moscow, approximately seven thousand kilometers, and to reach them, a flight departing from the city of Yujno-Sakhalinsk, in Russia, is necessary.

The beach located in Ussuri Bay near Vladivostók attracts visitors. This is because its popular name is Praia de Vidro. During the Soviet Union, this beach was a dump of bottles, porcelain and other types of glass, but instead of pollution, tourists find stones polished by the action of the sea and sand. To reach the site, it is necessary to drive from the city of Vladivostók. The trip takes about thirty minutes.

For cave divers and explorers, it is possible to visit the Cave of Orda, located in Horde Perm. The cave lies on the Kungur River and is the largest underwater plaster cave system in the world. The cave was discovered in 1969 and since 2008 it has been considered one of the Natural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. To visit it, it is necessary to be accompanied by an experienced diving guide.

For fun in russia

The lotus-shaped Mriya Resort & Spa, which is located in Crimea, attracts tourists who are interested in leisure. The hotel, far from the Russian capital, has a daily rate of over 200 dollars. In 2018, the hotel received more than 100,000 guests. The resort has a medium-sized center, 24-hour room service, eight bars, five restaurants, Wi-Fi and even luxury villas.

Have you ever thought about visiting a bathroom? In Moscow, this is possible. At Sanduny Bath Houses, it is possible to have a steam session and even a birch leaf massage. All materials, such as slippers and hair dryers, are provided to visitors who can opt for private or public areas. For public entry, you pay more than a thousand rubles, which is equivalent to approximately 70 reais. Private spaces cost on average between three and four thousand rubles.

The options for tourism in Russia, therefore, are vast. After checking out these tips, choose which one you identify with the most and book your trip!