Do cats like to be kissed?

A kiss here, a kiss there, between two papouilles, we love it! Kissing our cat is our own mark of affection and tenderness towards him, the one that corresponds to our human behavioral and social codes. But do cats understand the real meaning of these kisses, and do they appreciate them as such? Let’s try to find out more to better understand their perception and feelings.

The master’s kisses: “more, more! “Or” help, let’s flee! “?

Before answering this question, let us ask ourselves the following: but why do we question ourselves on their appreciation or not of our gestures of affectation?

The cost of a cradle label

Félix is ​​often portrayed as a little ball of hair who only likes to sleep and eat, and pro-Médor often criticize him for his lack of interest in his owner, except at supper time! The cat is wrongly the expense of a sneaky reputation marked by cartoons from our childhood. We will remember the ugly Rominet, the unfortunate and not very cunning Tom who is led by the nose by the mouse Jerry, the honeyed Siamese Si and Am in Beauty and the Tramp, and more recently the clumsy and lazy Oggy, or more sarcastic and lazy Garfield. No need to mention more to understand that our tomcats are rather cataloged as living animals, pies and without emotion.

So many received ideas and prejudices of course, the cat finally undergoing these clichés, so our questioning on what he can really feel.

Our kisses, he loves them, but …

As soon as the kittens are born, their mother grooms them one by one. This gesture is part of the education of young cats, and throughout their life, mutual grooming such as contact or rubbing will remain a mark of affection. Our kisses are therefore not necessarily interpreted by the cat as such, but it is certain that they are it as a mark of affection, especially since they are generally given during a hug.

Let’s take a look at the “but”. If he certainly likes that we show him our affection, the cat remains a feline with wild origins. He therefore does not like to feel as though suffocated, or at least not free to move around. It may therefore be that the good intention turns to settling accounts for your cat who will not have appreciated your imposed way of cuddling. Also, it depends on the place of the kiss. If the cat uses its head a lot for rubbing and is very receptive to it in return, it will appreciate kisses on the stomach a lot less, which is a more sensitive area for it, especially if it has undergone a sterilization operation.

In return, the cat’s signs of appreciation

It is not always easy to analyze them, yet your cat reacts well to your codes, which means that he understands them, even partially. In return usually, provided he is well disposed, he conveys his own mark of satisfaction by blinking softly, gazing at you calmly and serene, rubbing against you insistently, kicking you. head while purring with his eyes closed, or holding his tail straight with the hooked end like a question mark.

Conversely, when a cat is not receptive to your marks of affection, it will show it by ears pricked up backwards, a tail that wiggles with annoyance and impatience, a cute little paw for you. gently make it clear that he is unwilling, even a little more lively paw if you persist. It will depend on his mood and for some, more generally, their character. Some cat breeds do not really appreciate excessive hugs, and prefer to maintain a physical distance from their master, which in no way affects their bond and affection for each other.

How to prove to him that we love him other than by our kisses?

Kisses and hugs are our behavioral codes to show our affection. But other complementary ways, perhaps more subtle or more reasoned, can also be employed.

Observe him and respect his wishes

Observe your cat to get to know him better is certainly an essential daily mission. As you would for all those with whom you share your daily life, it is important to respect his character, his desires, what he likes and does not like or likes less. If you observe that your cat prefers to keep a distance and is not the type to jump on your knees as soon as you sit on your couch, she is more distant and reserved. Respect its security perimeter, its bubble of well-being.

Prepare gourmet recipes for him

We can buy him sweets in store, almost all more appetizing than those on our own shelves so much the packaging comes into play. Or you can also make them yourself. Many websites and internet videos offer little recipes, for novice cooks as well as for the most seasoned, to offer your cat quality food, with all the nutritional contributions necessary for its good balance. To test them is to adopt them, at least for the cat!

Ensure good health

Isn’t paying attention to his health the best way to show him how much we love him? An up-to-date vaccination, regular deworming and veterinary visits as soon as anything seems abnormal to you in its behavior is certainly the right reflex to have to ensure a good life expectancy. Also, stimulating it daily is necessary to keep it agile and in good physical and mental health. Finally, socializing the cat is important so that it doesn’t feel scared when someone comes to visit you.