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Do I need to insure my pet?

Do I need to insure my pet?

Whether you own a dog or otherwise, it is very important to insure your pet as soon as possible. This precaution makes it possible to take care of the health of his little companion throughout his life without spending a lot of money for consultations with a veterinarian, check-ups, care and even certain preventive acts which are absolutely necessary.

Professionals offer different formulas, which greatly facilitate access to veterinary care. As soon as you buy or adopt an animal, you should not hesitate to take out a contract after having compared the offers through an animal insurance comparator.

What does a pet mutual insurance company reimburse?

Insuring your pet is essential to be partially or fully reimbursed for expenses related to its health and / or well-being. This reimbursement varies from 50 to 100% within the limit of a variable annual ceiling depending on the contract taken out. Mutuals for animals offer different formulas so that each owner can choose the one that best suits his little companion. We generally find the following formulas:

Eco animal insurance

It is the cheapest pet insurance since it costs between € 3 and less than € 10 per month. The reimbursement rate is generally between 50% and 70% of the expenditure incurred within the limit of the relatively moderate annual ceiling.

Standard animal insurance

The monthly contribution generally does not exceed 25 €. With this formula, the annual reimbursement ceiling is higher than for the economic formula, and the reimbursement rate can reach 90% of the costs incurred, depending on the acts.

Premium animal insurance

This Premium formula is ideal when the health of the animal involves significant expenses. Up to 100% of the costs incurred can be covered, up to an annual limit of up to € 2,000. This makes it possible, for example, to cover a surgical intervention or to cover the costs incurred by a long and expensive treatment when the animal suffers from a serious illness.

The higher the price of insurance, the more extensive the coverage. The annual ceiling, set by the insurer, depends on the chosen contract. It is generally between 800 and 2,000 €.

Acts reimbursed by an animal mutual

Insuring your dog, insuring your cat or another small companion can cover many veterinary procedures. For a few tens of euros per month, the owner thus realizes serious savings while ensuring that his animal remains in good health and receives appropriate treatment when he falls ill or has an accident. Depending on the formula chosen, an animal health insurance can cover:

  • Consultations with the veterinarian or the behaviorist veterinarian,
  • Imaging exams such as MRI, CT scan, x-ray,
  • Laboratory analyzes,
  • Drug treatments,
  • Rehabilitation sessions with a physiotherapist for example,
  • Surgical interventions,
  • Prevention acts (dewormer, flea collar, vaccination, sterilization),
  • Certain accessories and foods,
  • End of life (euthanasia, burial).

The list of acts covered depends on the contract to which the owner of the animal has subscribed. The insurance application should be read carefully before signing. The ideal is to be able to compare different formulas to find the solution that best suits the pet you want to insure but also the budget you have.

Choose health insurance adapted to your animal

Insurers specializing in animal health care give each caring owner the opportunity to choose personalized insurance to perfectly protect his companion according to his particularities. For example, we can find dog insurance adapted to the breed, age, lifestyle of the animal, its state of health. Ditto for cat insurance which offers more extensive coverage if you have a purebred cat that participates in competitions because it must be taken frequently to the veterinarian.

These specificities, like many others, are part of the criteria for choosing pet insurance. Parrots, rabbits, ferrets and other NACs (read New Pets) are no exception to the rule on a case-by-case basis.

Access to veterinary care facilitated thanks to animal insurance

When you love your pet, you must do everything in your power to ensure that, in the event of an accident, it receives care so that it heals as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, when the household budget is tight, we hesitate to take our animal to the specialist because veterinary procedures are expensive. Many animals die early simply because they have not been treated. One can imagine the trauma felt by all the members of the family and the guilt of the master who did not insure his companion with a mutual health insurance.

Thanks to animal insurance, access to care is really facilitated, whatever the financial possibilities of the household. It is a solution of great use for the animal and which, in addition, brings a lot of serenity to the owners. Let’s not forget that a pet is increasingly seen as a full member of the family. He deserves that we take care of his physical but also mental health because he suffers the full brunt of the stress of daily life that he shares with his masters, young and old.

However, a healthy animal is a happy animal which can fully enjoy the joys of existence with its owners. Insuring him with a mutual health insurance is a way of pampering him and showing him that we love him.

What are the conditions for insuring your animal?

To be able to insure your pet with a mutual health insurance, certain conditions must be respected. The species (cat, dog, NAC …), the breed, the age of the animal are part of it, as is the identification (tattoo, microchip), the absence of which is often crippling for insurers.

Certain illnesses can put off a company when its competitor accepts to insure the animal. Insurers may require a medical certificate drawn up by a veterinarian at the time of the subscription request. Ditto when you own an animal considered dangerous. This may be the case for certain breeds of dogs that only a few companies agree to insure.

It is very important to be familiar with the animal insurance contract because it may have limits (exclusions), sometimes left to the discretion of the company.

How to choose health insurance for your pet?

The fastest and most reliable solution is to use an animal insurance comparator. Completely free, this online tool makes it possible to compare all the formulas offered, to adjust the cover to the needs of the animal and to obtain several quotes without any commitment.

Using a animal insurance comparator, we are sure to save money since the interested party defines their own selection criteria. The number of proposals he then receives – in just a few minutes – makes it possible to select the contract best suited to the needs of the animal but also to the budget of his master.

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