Does a cat have the notion of time?

Watching him live, we quickly realize that the cat is quite capable of following many rituals day after day, at the same times. The kitty probably does not have the same notion of time as his master, but he still seems to have many keys to realize the passage of time. What exactly is going on?

Usual events are time markers for the chat

The notion of time seems to exist in the cat but manifests itself differently than in his master who is capable of measuring or quantifying the time that passes. However, the cat uses different elements of its environment, kinds of markers which allow him to organize his day for example. The cat is a very great observer which memorizes quite easily a large number of customary events.

He is therefore able to sense the moment when his master will come home from work when it is almost repeated. daily and at the same time, like a rite. It is the same for everything that the members of the family do repetitively, over the days, weeks, months: the meals, morning, noon and evening, the moment when the whole family settles in front of the television, when his master uses the bathroom or goes to bed … It is all the more clear for the animal if the humans around him have a life regulated like music paper.

If the kitty sleeps in his breeder’s room, he knows very well when he will have to get up. The animal is finally informed by many clues, repetitive, he has memorized and associated with specific actions like for example the alarm clock, the yawns of his master who comes out of his sleep and which are followed by a happy ” Hello my Cat! »Accompanied by an affectionate caress … So the cat seems to interpret in its own way all the small gestures and habits of the humans around it and finally he finds his way there to punctuate his time.

Likewise, we can see that the kitty comes closer to its bowl at different times of the day, and this is repeated according to the same ritual, day after day, at the same times. Certainly, his stomach is undoubtedly at the origin of this regularity… feeling of hunger or thirst obliges, but there, it is a question of biological clock!

The cat observes to measure time

In an outdoor environment, birds – who also have specific hours to come and peck the seeds that we have taken care to place in a distributor – punctuate time, and the little feline seems to be aware of it. Sometimes he even waits for them behind his window. It can also locate itself in time thanks to different usual noises such as the joyful cries of the children at recess time if the school is not far from the house for example, or even thanks to the rooster crowing which sounds very early every morning. In the same way, the cat can give rhythm to his day according to theorientation of the sun.

When the little feline sits at the window to look at the street, or on the terrace with his eyes riveted on the garden, he is not necessarily on the lookout for prey. Neither is his eyes vague and he is not daydreaming. He observes every detail, everything that surrounds him allowing him to have a sort of notion of time.

Thus, a cat can find the time long when his master does not come home on time, or is absent for a whole weekend. We imagine then how it should be difficult and anxiety-inducing for cats that are let loose on the side of the road or in the undergrowth. Hours then days, even weeks pass without his masters reappearing. This is how the cat becomes anxious because he understands that this absence is long, too long … It is then that he feels the suffering due to his great loneliness.