Does my cat love me other than because I feed it?

He is often compared to his sidekick the dog, and when it comes to “testimony of affectation” opinions differ. Prejudices very often place Mistigri in the skin of a sly and impassive little being, showing interest in his master only when it’s time for the bowl, when these same prejudices describe Medor as his perfect opposite. If it is true that the cat is much more independent than the dog, this does not mean that he does not feel any affection for his masters, nor that only the cupboard of kibble does not represent an interest in his eyes. Do you wonder if he loves you with a selfless and unconditional love? And to this question you give your tongue to the cat? (Here it is placed, but we grant you, a little easy) Here is our light on the feelings that your little mustache companion may have towards you!

The behavioral chameleon

In reality, we even greatly underestimate the attachment of our tomcats to humans. The expressive signs to which they testify are also relatively close to those of babies for parents, yes human babies! A study carried out by an American university showed that 60% of the 70 kittens participating in the various exercises of the experiment adopted a behavior of trust and security towards their master, that is to say almost as much as babies towards their parents on the same experiment.

If we can compare it to human behavior, then it suffices to recognize that some of us humans are more or less demonstrative and sociable. However, we will not question the idea that they experience feelings, perhaps quite simply more modest and reserved. No need therefore to doubt the real attachment of his cat to his master, who will be happy almost only on the condition that he is surrounded by love, attention and good intentions.

Any breed combined, we can easily define the cat as an independent animal, subject to various sequences during the day, from playing time to sleeping time, including eating and cuddling. If it is not always very demonstrative, the cat is nevertheless able to recognize its owners without fail by their voice and their olfactory imprint. He likes to have a daily routine, identical from day to day. Also, your departure from the house is a difficult time for him which feeds a fear of abandonment.

And our friends with mustaches, how do they perceive our marks of affection?

Masters worry about not being able to detect real emotional signals from their cat, but conversely, do cats manage to correctly interpret our tender gestures? It seems so. In the case of kisses, while they may not necessarily perceive what they represent, they nonetheless associate them with the equivalent of mutual grooming. This gesture, which also recalls their mother’s behavior, is a sign of love that they understand and that they return by rubbing or purring.

How does the cat show its affection?

Sometimes a fierce player, sometimes an imperturbable sleeper, the cat is a small animal that is sometimes difficult to pinpoint because it can be changeable and mysterious. Depending on the breed, some will be more communicative when others will be more on the reserve. The cat expresses his feelings and feelings in a sometimes subtle way. But it is possible to decipher the codes of feline language, depending on the behavior he adopts.

Close his eyes

Contrary to popular belief, the cat does not lick to give a kiss. He gently closes his eyes. You can blink back. If this is one of the codes of the language of cats, we can assume that it will understand your kiss in return.

Lie down near you

However, he has a basket just for him, a good blanket on the sofa, a cat tree, and despite this he always comes to lie down near you, on a corner of the table or at the foot of the bed, or even take a stand. between you and your phone screen, your book or the TV. What could be more obvious as a sign of affection? This closeness reassures him and shows you his love.

Rub his head against you

When it seeks contact, whether with your face, neck or hands, it emits pheromones which are chemical molecules comparable to hormones. This gesture, often produced with insistence and accompanied by purring, is a testament to the confidence and security he feels for and with you.

Show her belly

Lying on your back with your belly exposed makes your cat vulnerable. If he does it in your presence, it is because he feels completely confident, protected and loved.

Have the tail in question mark

One of the postures of “I love you”, the vertical tail with a slight curvature on the tip is indeed the testimony of strong feelings.

Purr on you

Let it be said, the intense purr is the testament to the cat’s love par excellence. In addition to that, it is proven to provide strong appeasement to humans. Although he purrs very often and sometimes in totally different situations, the purring which is accompanied by a drop in heart rate helps him to relax and again shows his full satisfaction at being at home. your side.

And conversely, how to detect his annoyance?

The tail which wags slowly, the ears back as if on the lookout, or dilated pupils are all the signs of a serious annoyance of your cat. It’s time to stop the taste buds or the kisses, he’s had enough! And to make you understand it nicely, it will tend to lick you. These little lap strokes might make you think of the dog’s kisses, but not at all. The cat does not adopt this behavior to kiss you, but to make you understand that he has had enough caresses and that he wishes he could be quiet.

In the case of a more aggressive behavior in case of taste buds, especially when passing over a specific part of his coat, it would be better to consult a veterinarian. It is likely that he is reacting to pain which could be a sign of a health problem.