Does my cat understand her name when I call her?

We may well know the domestic cat, the animal was the subject of a study conducted in Tokyo by a team of researchers because it remained to be seen whether the little feline was able to recognize its name. Today, science confirms it, we can assure that the cat understands much better her name we think. But then, why does he only react from time to time when his master calls him? This is what we will see.

Why can we say that the cat recognizes its name?

Researchers at a Japanese university made cats listen to different sequences of spoken words on the same tone, and among which had slipped the name of each of the little felines. It turned out that in all cases, cats only reacted when they heard their name. In some, the ears twitched, in others, the head moved… in short, only their name caused a reaction while all the other words left the cats without reaction.

Why does the cat remain indifferent when we call him?

Clearly, the cat is really an animal that does what it wants when it wants! He understands perfectly when his master calls him by name, but he seems to react only when he feels like it. We see in fact that communication with a cat is really very different from what you can do with a dog. It is clear that the latter is much more communicative.

But let’s not forget that Man domesticated the dog to use it, while the cat chose to come to Man when he began to cultivate cereals, 8000 years before our era, that is to say during the Neolithic revolution. The little feline found an interest to approach humans since grain stocks attracted rats. A manna for the wild cats of the time. But never since that time have we been able to domesticate cats as we have done with canines.

However, if the cat doesn’t always “answer” the call, it’s a little reductive to blame it on disdain. Certainly its great independence pushes him to come to his master only out of need (or desire) in the majority of cases. However, there are legitimate reasons which may explain why the cat does not even turn its head when it hears its name.

The cat is too focused to watch for prey

A cat’s apparent indifference may be due to his increased concentration that he carries to another animal, even to a leaf that the wind moves. This hunter in the soul may well be domesticated, it still retains its primary instinct. Also, when the cat is busy keeping watch, it is useless to shout at it, it is likely to remain without any reaction. With his eyes riveted on his only center of interest at the moment, the animal seems to have totally lost hearing …

The cat is not confident

Evenings with friends and family celebrations are not always to the taste of our little felines. These convivial meetings are noisy, but if in addition the cat is shy or fearful, he may voluntarily not come when his master calls him by name. It is quite easy to know when a cat is suspicious in the presence of strangers: it withdraws, or even hides, whenever people little or not known to it show up to its owners.

In this case, it is necessary to be patient, but good results can be obtained if we take care to gradually accustom the cat to interact with a stranger. For example, he can talk to him, show him his bowl of kibble… but not try to stroke the animal. A few sessions may be enough for the little twink to end up being more confident.

It should be noted that the same situation can arise when a new pet has been adopted. The cat understands that his master is calling him, but will not deign to leave his basket either because he is afraid of the other cat, the dog, the parrot, or because he is jealous.

The cat has a hearing problem

If he is not in “I watch, I hunt” mode, perhaps if he remains indifferent to the call of his name it is because the cat does not hear well. A otitis may have interfered with his sense of hearing or has lost some of his hearing because foreign body has infiltrated its duct. You should know that some neurological pathologies and tumors can make a cat totally deaf, but also advancing in age. The deafness in cats can also be genetic as is common in white cats with blue eyes.

Before thinking that your cat is of rare ingratitude and is not interested in its owner, it is recommended to consult the vet so that he can check the state of health of the kitty.

Finally, the cat is an animal that don’t forget easily when we hurt or punish him. If his owner only calls him to scold him or if the children trumpet his name and then brutally manipulate their cat, the animal will no longer present itself so spontaneously to them even if it has understood its name perfectly. Either way, the cat is not a dog. He only comes to his master out of interest. This is one of the peculiarities of this unsocial animal.

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