Dog carrier bag: how to choose it? What cost?

Traveling with your faithful companion often requires the use of a carrying bag. So that the dog is comfortably installed and is in safety, it is essential to choose a model perfectly adapted to its size and of careful design because it must be reliable. The dog carrier bag comes in a wide range of models, and it is not always easy to choose. Here are the main selection criteria to take into account and the price of this type of accessory to buy absolutely when you own a dog.

Dog carrier bag: advantages and disadvantages

The transport bag is easier to transport than the transport case because it is less bulky and lighter, generally designed in a flexible plasticized material or in fabric, even in leather. It also stores more easily than the hard box when not in use.

It should be noted, however, that the carrier bag is generally not designed for large dogs, which should instead be installed in a carrier. You should also know that some models are not approved for air travel, especially if the owner wants to transport his animal in the cabin. Before leaving, you must find out to ensure that the model you have acquired meets the standards in force that each airline imposes on its customers.

Criteria for choosing a dog carrier bag

You should never choose this type of equipment at the last minute. On the contrary, you have to take the time to study each model to make a comparison between your favorites, of course taking into account the specificities of your dog so that the transport bag suits him perfectly but also suits his master. The main selection criteria are as follows:

  • The dimensions : they must be correlated with the size of the dog so that the latter is comfortably installed in his bag. He must be able to lie down, sit up, stand up, stretch, turn around. However, it should be noted that it is necessary to buy a transport bag adapted to the puppy but that it will be necessary to replace it with a larger model when the doggie is an adult.
  • The maximum recommended weight of the dog to be transported: it is indicated on the label,
  • The manufacturing material: we want it to be solid, non-allergenic,
  • Secure closures,
  • Ease of cleaning both inside and outside,
  • The porthole: it is an essential transparent wall so that the dog is not in the dark and can have a view of the outside,
  • Ergonomics,
  • The flaps with zipped closures that make the bag expandable, its size can thus be multiplied by two or even three,
  • The presence of a shoulder strap which must be padded to ensure the comfort of the master,
  • The concept that you choose according to your needs and the type of journey (on foot, by bike, by car, etc.),
  • The presence of comfort and hygiene accessories (soft cushion, mattress, plaid, foldable bowl, waterproof bottom, etc.).

As for his look, it is also very important to many owners, and the dog carrier bag can become a real fashion accessory. But its design should not in any way forget the main objective sought: to be able to take your dog easily, in complete safety, without compromising the comfort of the animal.

The different types of dog carrier bags

Here are the main models of bags for carrying a dog.

The dog trolley

This is a cart carry bag equipped with casters and a retractable handle, which means that it cannot be carried. But some models kill two birds with one stone since they are accessories that can be transformed into a backpack. They therefore adapt to all situations. This model is appreciated since you can carry a dog up to 9 kg without making any effort. Seniors like the dog trolley very much and like to use it for walks or shopping.

The bag for transporting a dog on a bicycle

Thanks to this model, the dog can participate in all the bike rides of his master, and without getting tired. The equipment is attached to the luggage rack of the bicycle or to the handlebars.

The backpack for transporting a canine

It is a classic model, which allows the owner to keep his hands free and not to tire himself during long walks since the weight of the animal is perfectly distributed on his back. It therefore limits the risk of lower back and / or shoulder pain.

The kangaroo bag or carrying bag

It is a carrying bag with a large adjustable shoulder strap, well suited to small breed dogs. Some models in this category have two handles, are worn in the same way as a handbag, and the dog can hold its head outside, but they are only suitable for short trips (window shopping for example or small stroll).

The belly bag

This small transport pocket allows you to carry your dog on the stomach and is attached with a shoulder strap that is positioned around the owner’s waist in the same way as a belt. The animal must be of small size.

The special car seat transport bag

There are models for small dogs and others for large dogs. Its steel structure is perfect for car journeys. This accessory is equipped with a suitable device to be perfectly attached in any vehicle. It has a harness that keeps the animal well inside. This guarantees the dog’s safety in the event of braking or impact but also that of the driver and his passengers since it does not allow the doggie to move around in the vehicle, which can be dangerous.

Price of a carrier bag for the dog

The cost ofpurchase of a transport bag for a canine is extremely variable since everything depends on the category of the bag, its concept, its quality, its sophistication, its dimensions… and its brand. You can buy a belly bag for less than 20 € while it takes a minimum of 50 € for a 2 in 1 trolley. A bag to position on the bike can cost around 90 € and you may even have to pay 150 € to offer your doggie a full leather transport bag, a luxury item par excellence, very aesthetic and comfortable.

Once the dog carrier bag has been purchased, you must take the time to get the animal used to traveling inside. The more comfortable the bag, the less difficult it will be. If the animal hates travel, there is a solution to appease it. The master may ask the veterinarian to prescribe a stressful, obviously suitable for the doggie. But we have to respect the dosage.

Finally, so that the trips go as well as possible and are not an ordeal, even if the dog is calm and his transport basket is ultra comfortable, it is very useful to take a break every two hours during a trip so that the animal can stretch its legs, defecate outside, drink to rehydrate and have a small snack.