Dog clipper: how to choose it? Which is the best? What cost?

If you want to buy a dog clipper, it is necessary to compare the different models on the market and to be interested in their specificities. This canine styling accessory must absolutely be adapted to the dog’s coat type and be from good quality to be able to serve as soon as necessary, namely several times a year. You do not shear a woolly-haired dog with the same device as that used for a short-haired dog! Corded, cordless or battery-powered trimmer, professional or semi-professional, type of blade, type of comb, power, price: so that the choice of a dog clipper is not a headache, here is all that it is necessary to check before buying the model best suited to its faithful companion.

Targeting the right dog clipper model

Shearing your dog is an act that requires great care in order to do not hurt the animal. In addition, always leave it a minimum thickness of hair because they represent an essential cover in all seasons. It is for this reason that it should never be shaved because his skin must never be bare (except in exceptional cases on the advice of the veterinarian). A minimum of know-how is therefore absolutely essential, and this is the reason why very many masters prefer entrust the shearing of their dog to a groomer. This professional is an expert in the field. Of course, this represents a significant budget each year, which can motivate the purchase of a dog clipper.

It is a device specifically designed for the maintenance of the coat of canines, and which limits – throughout the year and even more in period of moult – the risks of knots, in particular at the level of the undercoat. . Some dogs need to be shorn more frequently than others, and it is of course essential to use a trimmer adapted to the type of fur of his domestic animal, knowing that the coat can be more or less dense and long.

Main criteria for choosing a dog clipper

Every part of a mower is important. It is therefore necessary to choose this canine grooming device depending on the length and thickness of the hair, the presence of an undercoat or not, but also taking into account the frequency of mowing. To do this, the teacher should pay attention to the following:

  • The solidity / durability mower: the durability of this device must be substantial if you plan to mow your dog frequently.
  • The power: the more powerful a dog clipper, the more efficient it is and therefore it avoids having to pass several times in the same place to properly trim the hair. This is important so that the animal does not lose patience, but also because it allows the owner to save time. It should be noted that a semi-professional mower is less powerful than a professional mower but more powerful than a basic mower.
    • The basic mower can be quite suitable if you have a short-haired dog that you shear once a semester at most or even to simply cut the hair around the eyes.
    • The semi-professional mower sufficient for occasional shearing of a short or medium-haired dog. It may be suitable for amateur use because it is easy to handle. However, it is not suitable for mowing a long, very dense and / or woolly coat, nor for frequent use.
    • The professional mower is powerful and particularly recommended for a dog with a thick undercoat, a long and dense coat, or for a dog with a woolly coat. It is the ideal grooming device for many dogs such as the Belgian Shepherd, the Collie, the Komondor or the Newfoundland and many others … However, it can be used on any type of fur. It does not cause no tightness and we can appreciate his longevity
  • The blade quality: ideally we choose blades that do not pull the skin and cut the hair perfectly. It’s a matter of security.
  • The blade height adjustment: this is an important selection criterion since it allows the master to choose the cutting height, from a few millimeters to several centimeters.
  • The blade type: for more convenience, you can choose a lawn mower straight blades which allow the dog to be mowed more quickly. This is very valuable if you have an animal that is hyperactive or that keeps moving during a mowing session.
  • The type of operation: some dog clippers plug into the sector but the wire is sometimes inconvenient when using the device. Others recharge beforehand and therefore operate on drums (lithium-ion) which leaves a great freedom of movement to the user, while others still do not connect but only accept Battery, which requires purchasing a sufficient stock of batteries so as not to be caught off guard. The rechargeable model is by far the most practical.
  • Theautonomy: it is variable from one model to another, and can therefore be understood between 1 and 5 hours. It is therefore better to opt for a long-lasting mower if you have to mow a large dog with long or woolly hair relatively dense and with a well-supplied undercoat because it takes time.
  • The shoe: each shoe has a number. The higher it is, the more suitable the hoof is for shearing a long-haired dog. Some higher-end mowers are sold with several hooves, allowing the master to polish the maintenance of the fur of his little companion or to make stylistic effects.
  • The additional accessorieslike the scissors, a comb, a small cleaning brush for equipment maintenance, a storage cover, are very practical. Some allow you to polish your dog’s mowing for an irreproachable result, to maintain the mower easily after each use, to store the mower with all its accessories in order to find them without difficulty as soon as you need them.
  • The number of decibels: some mowers are less noisy than others and this represents a comfort for the master but also for the dog, in particular if he becomes afraid as soon as he hears the noise of an appliance.
  • The vibrations: we advise you to preferably lean towards a mower that emits little vibration, again for the comfort of the dog. Excessive vibrations are very unpleasant and can generate stress. However, a stressed dog moves a lot during a grooming session and this increases the risk of injury.

Finally, another selection criterion also counts. it’s about the ease of maintenance. It is important to opt for a fully removable mower which can therefore be cleaned after each use without any difficulty.

Price of a dog clipper

The clipper specifically designed for dogs is available in very many models as we mentioned previously, and consequently its price range is very large. The budget to be devoted to this type of canine grooming device therefore varies depending on many elements such as power, number of hooves, quality (semi-professional, professional), brand, autonomy, or even accessories. for example.

So a lawn mowerentry level for dogs costs between 30 and 50 €, a good clipper semi-professional between 100 and 120 €, while it takes 160 to 400 € to buy a professional mower for dog.

We should not stop at the price of the mower alone. We must be aware that for 30 € you cannot have a quality, durable and secure device. Whichever model you are looking for, it doesn’t make sense to buy low end. Always opt for a quality device. It is more economical in the long term, more comfortable and reassuring for the animal but also easier to use by the owner. We are therefore looking for a good quality / price ratio.

Best dog clipper

There is no such thing as one good mower, but several. Some models excel in their class. It is therefore possible to have a good device capable of revamping your faithful companion in complete safety. For example, we can use the following models:

  • Heiniger Progress mower: 80 W power, no hair can resist it. Allows brushing and mowing large dogs regardless of their coat type but also other animals such as sheep. Not recommended for small dogs. Price: 60 €.
  • Moser Max 50 clipper: Powerful and quiet corded model, perfect for large dogs. Quick-cleaning cutting head. Cutting length between 1 and 49 mm. Secure grip. Price: 180 to 200 €.
  • Wahl KM 10 mower: professional two-speed model, compact, light, exceptionally efficient, perfect for intensive use. Price: 270 €.
  • KM Cordless clipper: professional clipper for large dogs, all types of fur, cordless model, Lithium battery, 2 hours autonomy, quick recharge in 1 hour, sold with oil, 300 cm charging cable, cleaning brush and head cutting. Price: 300 €.

Finally, note that technology is constantly evolving, clippers for dogs are very often replaced by new ones, always more efficient. Too, before purchase, it is useful to inquire well from a specialist.