Dog collar: what use? How to choose it?

During its lifetime, the dog is likely to need a collar. It is an essential protective medical accessory in many situations, which comes in different models. Let’s give a little spotlight on the usefulness of a collar and the different selection criteria to study with a magnifying glass to offer your dog the most suitable collar.

What is the dog collar used for?

The collar is a protective medical accessory with which the dog is equipped to prevent it from licking a wound, scratching to the point of irritation, tearing a bandage, a splint, or even so that it is not tried to push hard on stitches after surgery.

The collar is a kind of large cone or sausage (depending on the model) whose base is positioned around the dog’s neck, so that the animal’s head is perfectly isolated from the body. Thus, the dog cannot scratch its head or even reach any part of its anatomy with its mouth.

She must be carried until complete recovery of the animal or complete healing of a wound and it is essential that the veterinarian’s instructions are followed scrupulously. It is certainly restrictive for the dog, and even if it is not an absolute comfort, it is essential so that the problem does not go on forever.

Can a dog easily support his collar?

The dog is an amazing pet, if only for the great adaptability it shows. Except in exceptional cases, he always ends up getting used to this type of medical straitjacket in 48 to 72 hours, or even more quickly, and can therefore quite go about his business without needing to help him.

His master must also absolutely avoid letting himself be touched and keep this device in place as long as necessary, according to the recommendations of the veterinarian, without being too complacent. No need to assist his animal on the grounds that he is wearing a medical cone because that would not help him to support his paraphernalia, on the contrary. Likewise, it would be a shame to transmit stress to your dog. Life follows its course, the outings continue and the games to be shared with his faithful companion must be maintained. It would be a mistake to deprive him of it. The important thing is to buy the collar perfectly adapted to the dog.

How to choose a collar for a dog?

The prescription period for a collar is decisive in choosing a collar intended for a dog. The longer the animal has to wear it, the more comfortable the straitjacket must be. Anyway, you have to start with choose the right size and to do this, we take into account:

  • The length of the dog’s muzzle,
  • The size of the animal.

A poodle cannot wear the same collar as a Great Dane. In both cases, for it to be able to guarantee optimum efficiency, it must be a little longer than the area located between the end of the dog’s nose and its neck.

Masters can simply buy the collar from the vet. This way, they can be sure that they are not mistaken about the size of this protective medical accessory. The animal will thus be able to wear a straitjacket perfectly adapted to its morphology. It then remains to choose from the different models offered.

The rigid collar

It is also called:

  • Veterinary collar,
  • Elizabethan Necklace,
  • Medical cone,
  • Funnel,
  • Classic straitjacket.

This is a large truncated cone which envelops the entire head of the dog. She is not very glamorous, but at least the animal cannot reach her wounds with its mouth, or even scratch its ears or eyes with its hind legs.

Designed in a translucent plastic, this straitjacket does not prevent the animal from moving and can be completely sanitized because of its material which, in addition to being solid, is perfectly harmless. Due to its shape and size, the veterinary collar can however cause stress and / or a certain impatience in less patient dogs who have to wear their cone for a fairly long period.

The foam collar

It has the shape of a large flat disc that we thread around the neck of the dog. It therefore does not cover its head but nevertheless prevents it from scratching and licking itself, which is the desired goal to allow the animal a rapid healing (or scarring).

The inflatable collar

Designed in a flexible material, it looks like a big buoy that the dog wears around his neck. It is closed thanks to a velcro-type self-gripping device, so that for the owner it is easy to position and remove but also to adapt to the animal’s neck. Free to move, it quickly adapts to its inflatable collar because its head is clear. It can therefore be an interesting model if the dog struggles to support an Elizabethan collar, for example. Comfortable, it allows dogs sensitive to stress to remain calm throughout their convalescence.

It is recommended ask the vet for advice before buying a dog collar.

Where to buy a dog collar and how much does it cost?

This product can be bought from the vet, in pharmacies, drugstores, pet stores, certain gardening stores which devote some of their departments to pet accessories or even in many large online stores.

The price of a collar varies by model, size and brand. It is necessary to count :

  • From 5 to 8 € for the Elizabethan rigid plastic collar,
  • 15 to 20 € for a foam collar,
  • 20 to 28 € for an inflatable collar.

These are the basic prices generally observed. We notice that the collar, whatever the model, remains quite accessible. So do not hesitate to spend a little more if you judge that the model chosen will bring the maximum comfort to your dog. No need to skimp on the price if the animal has to wear its protective gear for four or five weeks.

However, we can start with buy a medical cone plastic because many dogs get used to it very well. But if this causes too much stress or discomfort, you have to change the model and opt for either a foam collar or an inflatable collar. Note that the health insurance for dogs can reimburse this type of expense provided that the master has thought of signing a contract beforehand and has chosen the right formula.