Dog insurance with the highest reimbursement rate

Any dog ​​owner must ensure the welfare of his animal. This goes through the choice of a balanced diet adapted to one’s needs but also by a regular monitoring of their health. It is also his responsibility to have his dog treated in the event of accident or illness and to provide him with preventive measures. As medical care and veterinary consultations can be expensive in the event of a problem, it is better to insure your dog with an animal health insurance and opt for a high reimbursement rate. Using a dog insurance comparator is essential to make the best choice.

Dog insurance: the different reimbursement levels

Insurance companies generally offer a minimum of three options, each guaranteeing a specific level of coverage. The higher the reimbursement rate, the less veterinary costs remain payable by the dog owner. But for each formula there is also an annual reimbursement ceiling set by each insurer. This is the maximum amount of reimbursements made during the year by the mutual society. It should of course be noted that the contribution is proportional to this rate and to the extent of the guarantees. Thus, we can for example find:

  • An economical formula which only partially covers medical and surgical costs in the event of an accident: the monthly contribution is moderate – between 10 and 30 € -, but the reimbursement rate is around 50% and the annual reimbursement ceiling is in the majority cases less than 800 €.
  • A standard formula which partially covers medical and surgical costs for accident or illness as well as numerous examinations allowing the diagnosis of a health problem (imaging, laboratory analyzes, etc.): the monthly contribution is between 15 and 50 € depending on the insurer and the reimbursement rate is between 60 and 70%, or even 80%. It is therefore higher than in the case of an economical formula. As for the annual reimbursement ceiling, it is of the order of € 1,200.
  • A premium formula, considered the top of the range dog health insurance. It partially covers the costs and medical acts for illness or accident, diagnostic costs, euthanasia, sometimes includes a prevention package, etc. This is the formula to choose to obtain the repayment rate The highest, from 90 to 100%, still within the limit of the annual reimbursement ceiling which, for this type of contract, can reach € 2,500 depending on the company.

At present, there is no dog insurance contract without a reimbursement limit. An annual limit is always imposed by insurers. If the health expenses incurred during the year are greater than this ceiling, the excess therefore remains the responsibility of the dog owner. Note that in general, the more the insured dog advances in age, the more this ceiling drops.

Choosing health insurance for your dog: the comparator is essential

This comparative tool is now essential for find a dog insurance company able to guarantee a high repayment rate and one high reimbursement ceiling. By completing an online form, it is indeed possible to receive in a few minutes the best offers on the market based on the information provided. Then all you have to do is scrutinize each contract. After finding the formula guaranteeing the highest possible reimbursement rate, the dog owner just has to subscribe.

The form allows you to enter, among other things:

  • The breed of the dog,
  • His gender,
  • Her name,
  • His date of birth,
  • If it is identified by an electronic chip or by a tattoo,
  • His possible medical history,
  • The date on which the contract is to take effect,
  • The desired formula (economical, medium, premium).

When choosing health insurance for his dog, the owner must of course take into account the reimbursement rate, the annual ceiling, the scope of the guarantees but also the exclusions, the age limit, the deductible or even the waiting period during which the dog is not covered.

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