Dog to adopt, why choose shelters?

Adopting a dog requires having thought carefully beforehand because there is no question of acting on a simple impulse that we risk to regret later. Too many animal abandonments result from this type of situation, alas … When you are sure to be able to give a dog all the love but also the good care that it deserves, then the solution to favoring is to turn to a refuge, and here are the many good reasons.

Save animal lives

Adopting a dog collected by a shelter is a generous act. We can thus avoid euthanasia. At the same time, we free up a place which will soon be occupied by a new abandoned or lost dog and which will also have chances of being welcomed by a family.

Educate your children about the animal cause

It is very important to come to the shelter with your children when the time has come to choose a dog to adopt. This helps them realize that many animals are not fortunate enough to live in loving families and that many people abandon them. It’s easier to explain to them that a dog is not a toy that we get rid of when it no longer amuses us… The little ones see the disarray of those animals left behind. By going to a shelter, children quickly understand that a master is responsible for his pet and that if he welcomes it, it is to take care and love it.

Have a large choice of dogs

In a refuge, we can find all canine breeds. Each adopter therefore has the opportunity to be offered the dog that best corresponds to what he is looking for, both in terms of size and character. Thus, a hunter has every chance of meeting a tailor-made companion there to share his passion, just as a family with young children may find in a refuge a calm, playful, sociable and protective dog.

Benefit from valuable advice

The future adopter is welcomed by a committed person who is familiar with the rules of adoption as well as the dog’s needs coveted. It is thus possible to be perfectly informed as to the living conditions that will suit the animal best. Going to a shelter means giving yourself the means to pass an adoption.

During this interview, the adopter is of course reminded that he makes a long-term commitment to provide good care to the dog and do everything to make him happy. It is important to all members of the SPA that adoptions are sustainable. Moreover, if there is the slightest doubt about his ability to assume his responsibilities, the shelter team reserves the right to refuse the adoption request.

Adopt a dog for a small fee

This is a criterion that matters to many people because you may want to adopt a dog and not have a big budget. A completely reasonable financial contribution is requested. The amount varies according to the age of the animal, namely € 250 for an adult dog and € 300 for a puppy. This makes it possible to cover the cost of certain veterinary procedures knowing that each dog that the SPA welcomes in its shelters is immediately identified but that is not all. At the same time, he is vaccinated and sterilized.

However, it can be noted that financial participation is free in the case of a SOS adoption. This device concerns older dogs which, unfortunately, are less attractive to families than young dogs or puppies.

Meet with a delegate after adoption

It is reassuring for a family that has never had a dog to know that a SPA investigator-delegate goes to his home a few months later and by appointment to make sure everything is fine. This professional takes stock of the first months of adoption, checks that the dog benefits from decent housing conditions that meet his needs. It also ensures that the animal has found its bearings with its adopters, and that it has adapted perfectly to its new life.

The master can take advantage of this visit to his home to obtain valuable advice or to discuss the problems he meets. In certain cases, if the dog adopts a behavior that is difficult to control or if he is fearful or uncomfortable in the household, the delegate-investigator is able to communicate the contact details of a animal behaviorist so that a meeting can be scheduled.

Finally, contrary to popular belief, a dog taken in by a shelter is no more mean or less socialized than another. Often, going through associations represents less risk than responding to a classified ad on the web. The animals in shelters are not more likely to present behavioral problems.

Moreover, the vast majority of people who have adopted a dog from this type of structure have found a faithful companion, well balanced, in perfect health and affectionate. So let’s not hesitate to push open the door of a refuge in order to be able to open its own to an animal that is waiting for only one thing: to be loved by new responsible and generous owners.

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