Domestic rabbit insurance: why take out? What price ?

The domestic rabbit is a small companion that is listed by the NAC, for New Pets. Very pleasant to live with and affectionate, he is the friend of young and old alike. The image of the rabbit has changed in recent years. If it was long seen as a small toy for children, it is now seen more as a member of the household like the cat or the dog. Its health is therefore better considered, which is positive, because the rabbit is fragile. But is it useful to take out an insurance contract for your rabbit? What price do these mutuals cost? What do they cover? Our responses in this dossier.

The domestic rabbit, a fragile health animal

The rabbit has an average life expectancy of 5 years, or even more for a well-groomed and well-fed dwarf rabbit. Unfortunately, this big-eared furball is a fragile animal that easily gets sick. He is known to be sensitive to parasites, for his dental problems, for his digestive and respiratory problems, among others.

For a long time, the rabbit, like other NACs such as hamsters, mice, rats, gerbils and guinea pigs, was considered a small animal for children. Cute, gentle, unconstraining, he was seen as a ball of hair that could live quietly in a cage and amuse the youngest until he died and was often replaced by a new rabbit or a rodent. This rabbit had never seen the vet in his short life and if he fell ill, it was because he was at the end of his life.

Now the rabbit has another place in our homes. The French are more open to the animal cause and better aware of the well-being of any four-legged member of their family. The rabbit is better housed, better nourished, it can often get out of its cage and frolic in the house or the garden under supervision and it is taken to the veterinarian if it presents doubtful symptoms.

This growing awareness started with cats and dogs. These were the first to be insured by their owners, although France is still shy in this area, unlike its British and Scandinavian neighbors. The NACs are now following, because insurance companies have understood the interest of the French for their big-eared companions and have developed suitable offers.

Domestic rabbit insurance: is it useful? What does it cover? How much does it cost?

Rabbit insurance works like cat or dog insurance. When the rabbit is sick or has doubtful symptoms, you consult your veterinarian and pay the bill for the care. During the consultation, the practitioner fills out a treatment sheet provided by your insurer. Then all you have to do is send this care sheet to your insurance company and in return you will benefit from a reimbursement of your costs up to 50 to 100% depending on the conditions of your contract.

When you sign your domestic rabbit insurance contract, you choose the formula that suits you with the insurer. Entry-level formulas offer reimbursements of up to 50% against 80 to 90% for premium insurance. Take the time to check the list of treatments covered, as the formulas vary. Insurers clearly distinguish between routine care (illness, accident, surgery, additional examinations, etc.) and preventive care.

It should be noted that the offer of contracts for NACs is much less extensive than for dogs and cats, because there are still fewer of them and they are less often insured. The vast majority of insurance companies offer unique formulas which reimburse you only between 50 and 80% of the amounts of care for an average contribution of 20 euros per month. These formulas generally only take into account routine care. You can also subscribe to an annual prevention package of between 50 and 100 euros.

The cost of insurance may seem high, but rabbits are fragile animals that require frequent care. In addition, the older he gets, the more ill he gets. As a result, taking care of your animal is expensive and faced with the amount of the bills, some owners are forced to opt for euthanasia, however avoidable, or they refuse to treat their animal, when others abandon it to its fate. simply. By subscribing to a mutual insurance contract for domestic rabbits, you benefit from significant coverage of these costly treatments. The older the animal, the more profitable your investment is.

There are online comparators to find the right formula for you. These free and non-binding tools are very functional and help you quickly find the formula that suits you best from a panel of personalized offers. Do not hesitate any longer and test them!