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The transmissions, for the benefit of a child or a loved one, are not carried out only by death. They can naturally take place during the lifetime of the transmitting party. Donations made before death, throughout life, should not be forgotten in the context of good asset management. Donations of sums of money granted in full ownership for the benefit of a child, a grandchild, a great-grandchild or, in the absence of such descendants, a nephew or a niece, or, by representation, of a great-nephew or a great-niece, are exempt from donation tax up to the limit of 31,865 euros on the double condition that the donor has, on the date of the donation, under the age of eighty and whether the beneficiary of the donation is an adult or an emancipated minor. The ceiling applies to donations, regardless of the number, made by the same donor to the same donee. Donations must be declared or registered by the donee at the tax service of the place of his domicile within one month of the date of the donation. This exemption is renewable every fifteen years. In addition, for the collection of rights relating to direct donations, an allowance of 100,000 euros is applied, on the part of each of the ascendants and on the part of each of the children. This allowance can also be used for donations made every 15 years. Example: Two parents married under the legal community regime have two adult children. Each parent can donate property – company securities or real estate, for example – or a sum of money worth or amounting to 100,000 euros, and a sum of money of 31,865 euros, to each of their parents. children without having to pay fees. Each child thus receives a value of 263,730 euros duty-free. The operation can be renewed every fifteen years. If the donation of the property relates only to bare ownership, the operation is even more interesting (to be continued). Are you looking for support in tax law? Thierry Bouclier will accompany you in your steps, you want to learn more? You can get in touch by CLICKING HERE.