Dressing a bathtub: 8 practical and decorative ideas

If, as in the most frequent case, your bathtub does not sit in the middle of your bathroom, it needs a covering, if only to hide all the piping, but also to play the card of decoration and design . An apron is the easiest thing to dress up your bathtub. You match it to the rest, put it down easily and you’re done. But this elegant dressing is not always possible. Here are some alternatives concerning the possible coating of your bathtub.

The simplest dressing: an apron for your bathtub

An apron is certainly the simplest and most elegant solution to dress up a bathtub, whether it is corner or wall-mounted. What’s so good about choosing an apron? In fact, everything. The apron is easy to assemble, just clip it on and you’re done. It can also be removed quickly for possible repairs. There is therefore no need for a special opening. A bathtub apron takes up little space and comes in different colors. You can have fun, if it is the design and decoration card that you are looking to play.

For a tailor-made dressing: a foam apron

Hard foam panels are a very simple option for lining your tub. You can then tile them directly as you see fit. For assembly, the building panels are provided with a special adhesive and sealant for the top edge. An inspection opening can be easily cut at the desired location. The rounding can also be achieved by means of incisions on the plate. Compared to the apron, however, the options are very limited. Nonetheless, hard foam panels are an easy to implement option for your tub liner. Many systems are specially designed for DIY enthusiasts. They allow you to dress the bathtub as you wish: real tailor-made! Tiling is certainly the first choice for the tub lining. It is a product available in a wide variety of sizes and designs. It has the advantage of being also ultra-resistant to humidity.

During the construction of your bathtub: a concrete covering

Concrete is the right choice for those looking for a stable stone coating. Flat concrete building panels can be cut quite easily with a conventional saw and can also be tiled directly. The plates are connected to each other with a thin or normal layer cement. Thin-set cement or concrete adhesive have the advantage of allowing tighter joints. To prevent any failure or leakage, you must provide an inspection opening in the front of the tub. Install an inspection door there.

As in the hammams: a bathtub covering in tadelakt

You’ve probably seen this material in steam rooms. Did you think it was synthetic? In fact it is a coating – known since Antiquity. It is handcrafted. It is a material which is sensitive to shocks and scratches, but can still be suitable for your bathtub surround. If you are considering the elegant, the authentic and the unusual: this is the choice for you!

A bathtub cover that you don’t think about: wood

Wood gives your bathroom a very warm character. It is with relative ease that it can be used for the lining of your tub. However, there are a few things to consider: Direct contact with water should be avoided, at least for a long time, even if short-term water spray or increased humidity does not affect the wood. However, proper installation and professional waterproofing are important.

Natural stone

When it comes to tub cladding, stone is a must. This natural material impresses with its individual grain and long service life. For the cladding, you can use polished natural stone tiles or untreated natural stone, if you want a little more wild. The types of natural stone are, for example, travertine, marble, slate or granite.

Aluminum composite panels

The aluminum composite panels allow a uniform and waterproof coating of the bathtubs. They are available in a wide variety of designs – for example in appearances of stone, wood or metal. They can be cut to size and then glued to the tub. The plates are relatively easy to maintain. So this is ideal if you want something simple.

An apron but not only to dress your bathtub

The taps

What if to dress your bathtub, you turned to the faucet side? Maybe just changing your shower head would bring you comfort and satisfaction? You just have to unscrew the old one and then install the new one. Like what, not much is enough to freshen up your bathtub.


To dress up your bathtub, buy a beautiful bathroom lamp or two. Consider choosing those with dimmers to give you the option of dimming the light. This new equipment can make the life in your bathroom brighter and more user-friendly. Likewise, don’t wait for special occasions to light candles.

The curtain

Treat yourself to a new shower curtain! An inexpensive and very effective investment if you want to beautify the environment of your bathtub. Whether it’s extravagant patterns or a pretty solid color, take your pick! For a harmonious decor, match the colors of towels and bath rugs with that of your shower curtain.


The good thing: Many plants love humidity and therefore love the climate in your bathroom, especially the edge of your bathtub. The only requirement there is: light, even if it only passes through a small window.

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