Dressing up a piece of furniture: 6 simple ideas to implement

Do you have the impression that your interior looks like everyone’s? Do you say to yourself that instead of luxurious pieces, you have furnished your home with nice, affordable furniture that has been mass-produced and therefore relatively impersonal? Do you sometimes feel like redesigning your furniture? Because if you want to give your apartment a unique touch, you don’t have to go directly to a carpenter to have expensive individual parts made. All you have to do is improve your existing furniture yourself. With good ideas, a little imagination and know-how, you can do some really pretty things. Moreover, there are good ideas for revamping a piece of furniture, even when it comes from the Swedish giant that everyone knows. Here are 6 simple ideas to implement to revamp a piece of furniture.

1 – Repaint your furniture

You can give new life to any piece of furniture by repainting it. Of course, you can choose a color approaching the one it had originally, a varnish will do as well. But you have all the time to completely twist this piece of furniture by painting it in a flashy color to make it extraordinary. With a little sanding, some brightly colored varnish – or just your favorite color – and a brush, you can repaint your furniture in no time. Depending on your taste, you can also use different colors and, for example, make the legs of a chair a different color than the seat. It’s up to you to follow your desires.

2 – Use a stencil

Whether you want to spice up an aging piece of furniture or give a unique touch to a piece of furniture you just bought, this is easily achieved with the help of stencils and paint. The stencils are endless. You can find it on the market but you have the possibility of creating a tailor-made one for yourself by taking inspiration from what is done on the Web. Patterns, ornaments, letters, the choice is really huge.

3 – Change the knobs or handles on your furniture

Pretty handles immediately transform an old cabinet into an eye-catching piece of furniture. With pretty ceramic knobs, for example, you can give an old wardrobe or chest of drawers a special chic in no time. You just have to unscrew the old one and screw in the new one instead. There is a very wide range of furniture knobs and handles.

So there are countless pretty buttons to choose from, whether they’re stylish, cute, or trashy: with a little research, you’re bound to find the buttons you like. Of course, don’t just be fooled by your enthusiasm. Consider whether the knobs you have chosen are suitable for the furniture on which they are to be mounted.

4 – Cover your furniture with patterns

Are you a mosaic enthusiast? In this case, your possibilities are endless. A pretty mosaic highlights a piece of furniture. You just have to find the pattern! You can do the same with wallpaper. Even some slightly graphic gift wrapping paper could be used to revamp a piece of furniture. All you need to do is use the correct glue. Some even cover their furniture with aluminum foil. In any case, to ensure longevity on the surface, coat a thin layer of clear varnish.

5 – Give your furniture a vintage look

The vintage style is so trendy that some manufacturers are offering new furniture that would have the look of vintage. Better in this case to go directly to the attic of his grandmother to recover the furniture that we like. Or work on your furniture to have a vintage look. Car can easily implement the vintage look yourself, with a few good ideas. The Net is full of them. To name just one, you can simulate an old coat of paint with wax-based limestone fillers. The white tones and the pastel colors in particular are very pretty. The wax seals the surface of the wood and makes it water repellent; a final surface treatment is no longer necessary. Liming is reserved for solid wood, which destroys veneered surfaces. You can use a stain to give new wood the appearance of age-related discoloration by reshaping it. The grain of the wood remains visible and is thus enhanced. In order for the paste to penetrate evenly into the surface of the wood, it must be untreated and free from grease. If this is not the case, we recommend that you sand the furniture first. The surface of the wood becomes rough due to the humidity of the pulp, so it should be smoothed with fine sandpaper as soon as the pulp is completely dry.

6 – Cover an old armchair with a new fabric

It’s not just the wardrobes and dressers that shine brightly when given a makeover. This can also be the case with old armchairs or old chairs, which with a little skill can be covered with a new upholstery. Got scissors, glue, furniture stapler, fabric? So get started! For example, you can re-upholster an armchair from the 1950s. You may reinforce the seat with more, thicker foam – if the original one is too hard. And it’s up to you to place the new fabric and voila!