Drivers banned from Uber file a complaint against the application

The drivers accuse Uber of using fully automated and non-human intervention sanctions processes, which is illegal.

171 VTC drivers banned from the Uber application

The Human Rights League (LDH) calls on the National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms (Cnil) to seize the French courts to bring Uber to justice. The application banned 171 VTC drivers after sending to everyone “Automatic and strictly identical messages”.

To justify these disconnections, the application invoked either “A violation of one of the principles of the Uber community charter”, is ” an abnormality “. We understand that the drivers were fired from the application and therefore lost their jobs by a standardized sanction process without human intervention, which is in principle illegal. Especially since there is no no direct way to challenge these sanctions.

Uber already sentenced in the Netherlands for the same facts

Convinced that there are automatic chain disconnections, LDH lawyer Jérôme Giusti formulates a hypothesis: ” There have been the ordinance on social dialogue (which provides for professional elections in the sector for 2022) and we suspect Uber of wanting to clean up in this perspective ”.

The fact that the app automates referrals is dangerous for workers’ rights: “Today is a risk in the field of social rights that there are computers that process and make decisions. One of the complaints recalls that the application was condemned on February 24 by the Amsterdam court for having carried out automated disconnections ”.