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After yesterday’s carsharing course for dummies, a column that you can find in a podcast so that you don’t miss a thing of the good deal if you are a motorist, today I will explain to you how to earn money by renting your car .

A simple concept that pays off

Know it, in France, the leader Getaround, is originally a French start-up, Drivy. It has been so successful that Americans have landed to buy it back, we can push a little cocorico. On this site as on others, the operation is very simple. You create the presentation sheet for your vehicle: you are asked for a copy of the vehicle registration document to verify that the car has passed the technical control, if it is more than 5 years old, and you are also asked for photos to verify that the vehicle has passed the technical inspection. ‘it is in good condition.

Then? Well, it’s very simple. The site will offer you a daily rental rate, depending on the type of vehicle offered, and the surrounding offer. Obviously, if you offer a 7 or 8 seater car, or even a utility vehicle, or even if there are not many offers around you, the rental price will be more interesting for you.

A tip for renting your car from time to time

By default, we indicate that the car is always available. But it is smart to indicate whether you use it on weekends or during holidays, so as not to have to refuse rentals. Then? Well then, you will receive rental requests transmitted by the site.

He prepares a standard rental contract, collects payment from the tenant, and adds additional insurance which will be activated in the event of a problem. Knowing that a car spends 95% of its time stationary, parked, Renting it once in a while can’t hurt your wallet.

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