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E-commerce: explosion in 2020, 112 billion turnover – teller report

The results of e-commerce in France for the year 2020, marked by the two confinements and the health crisis, will not surprise anyone: e-commerce has exploded. Confirmation comes from the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling (Fevad), which published its annual report on February 4, 2021. Almost all the figures are in the green.

E-commerce: 112 billion euros in turnover in 2020

Locked at home by obligation during the two confinements, and often by choice and fear of the virus afterwards, the French have turned massively to e-commerce for their purchases. Internet sales revenue climbed 8.5% over one year in 2020, a smaller increase than in 2019 (+ 11.6%) due to the sale of services. This sector fell by 10%, and in particular travel-tourism, which fell by 47% over one year).

But the sale of products, for its part, is exploding: + 32% in turnover over one year. Enough to increase the overall turnover of e-commerce to 112 billion euros in 2020 and, above all, enough to allow online sales to now represent 13.4% of retail trade in France, up sharply compared to 2019 (9.8%).

More transactions, more sites, and increasing average spending

If we exclude the service and tourism sector, whose declines in Internet sales are linked to the health situation and not to consumers’ disenchantment with e-commerce, all the figures are in the green. Fevad reports, for example, that 17,400 new merchant sites have appeared on the Internet in France in 2020. Over the year, 1.8 billion transactions were carried out, up 5.8%.

And, above all, the French are spending more and more online: the amount of the average basket on the Internet climbs by 2 euros in 2020, reaching 61 euros.

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