E.Leclerc: an electricity supply at cost price that requires sacrifices

The E.Leclerc group, according to the newspaper The Parisian, will launch this year 2021 a new offer for electricity in France, which will be added to its catalog. An offer which can be advantageous but which one should be wary of: it is a market offer. It therefore requires being very vigilant …

Pay at the best price … but also at the worst

According to information from Parisian, the offer that E.Leclerc will launch in summer 2021 will only be intended for holders of Linky connected meters because these allow exact monitoring of electricity consumption. And for good reason: it is only the quantity of electricity consumed that will influence the bill but also the day and even the time of consumption.

Because the offer is indexed directly to wholesale prices… which are constantly changing. If in some cases it will therefore be possible to pay much less per kilowatt hour, sometimes even at a negative price, the price of electricity can quickly explode. And this is the trap …

However, we must also add the price of the subscription: 6 euros per month (72 euros per year) plus various taxes.

An application to forecast your consumption

As explained The Parisian, users will have to use an application to find out the price of electricity with … 24 hours in advance. They will therefore be able to plan their consumption accordingly: avoid consuming too much during the most expensive hours and optimize consumption for the cheapest hours.

A good idea, on paper, which can quickly reserve very bad surprises: no one is immune to having to consume more than they expected at any given time, for whatever reason. Not to mention the unsuspected consumption of devices on standby, estimated by ADEME between 300 and 500 kWh per year, or nearly 10% of the bill.

An offer for those ready to make sacrifices

If the offer is tempting, E.Leclerc even puts forward an estimate of an annual bill down 22% compared to its other offers, it is only for households that agree to make sacrifices and adapt their lives as a function of the price of energy.

Indeed, at peak times and during peaks of consumption, the price of electricity can be 6 to 7 times higher than the average. This is often the case in winter. Gold, the consumer only knows 24 hours in advance the price paid according to the time bands: if this price is excessive on a rainy and very cold Sunday, for example, it will be necessary to avoid turning the radiators too much … and if there is a price spike when you have invited friends over for dinner, the meal bill may be hefty …