E.Leclerc offers 21 balanced meal baskets for 21 euros

21 balanced meals for 21 euros. This is the promise of the Leclerc centers, which have been offering ready-made shopping lists since last week, making it possible to buy something to prepare a week’s meal for one person, for only 21 euros.

Inexpensive balanced meals

Unlike other offers offered by competing brands, anyone can access them. It suffices for this to download from the Internet one of the four shopping lists designed by nutritionists.

Then it’s up to you to buy the products on this list in store, or order them online, and pick them up at the drive. Of course, it suffices to increase the quantities offered in the shopping list to feed 2, 3 4 or more people. To avoid weariness, not only do nutritionists hired by Leclerc offer four shopping lists, including one vegetarian, but as a bonus, these shopping lists are supposed to change every week.

Follow lists to eat well

Now, if you do your shopping in another store, know that it is perfectly possible to eat both economical and balanced. The shopping lists offered by Leclerc can serve as a guide, but it’s a safe bet that other brands will follow suit.

There are also many inexpensive shopping lists to download from the Internet. Some are even ready to be printed directly, and fit on a single A4 sheet. All you have to do is check, taking into account what you already have in your pantry.

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