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Like many other countries, France has launched a war against thermal cars in order to launch the energy transition and renew the vehicle fleet for electric models, or at best hybrid. In 2040, the sale of combustion vehicles will be banned for individuals… but a ban could affect certain models much earlier.

Excessively polluting cars banned for sale in France from 2030?

According to the site Context, which was able to obtain the bill resulting from the Citizen’s Convention for the climate, the government would intend to strike hard against the most polluting vehicles well before the deadline set of 2040. Ten years earlier, in 2030, it seems.

If it must be adopted, the bill would indeed provide for the outright ban on the sale to individuals of excessively polluting cars, except in special cases and within the limit of 5% of overall sales. Cars emitting more than 123 grams of CO2 per kilometer (WLPT cycle) would be in the sights of the executive: their sale to individuals would be prohibited from January 1, 2030, which should encourage the French to buy electric cars, or at least force them to take less polluting models.

Sports cars and luxury cars targeted

The threshold of 123 g of CO2 / km is none other than the triggering threshold for the ecological penalty from 2023 (in 2021 the triggering threshold is set at 133 g / km and will drop to 128 g / km in 2022). In short, the only cars that will be available for sale in France could be those… below this threshold.

However, we can assume that in nine years, vehicle consumption will have changed significantly, especially with the adoption of hybrid technologies that reduce emission rates. It will especially be the most sporty models or even very luxurious cars that will be penalized. But also SUVs, whose very heavy weight mathematically increases the power required to drive them… and therefore fuel consumption and carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

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