Educating a Chihuahua: 7 tips and good education practices

The Chihuahua is a dog with a strong temperament and a very energetic character. He is very suspicious of strangers and his fellows, which makes him aggressive and leads him to bark at them with virulence. Despite his small size, he never lets himself be impressed and will not hesitate to fight with a rival, even if he is much bigger than him.

A good education will allow you to channel the smallest dog in the world. Here are our 7 tips and best practices for properly educating your Chihuahua.

1 – teach him socialization

Socializing the Chihuahua has to be done very early if you want them not to bark at everything that passes. The walks in a place where other dogs are also walking is to be privileged.

Your mini four-legged companion will meet his fellow creatures there and thus learn the codes of canine behavior. You should never hug your Chihuahua during a meeting.

Indeed, the canine gente, to communicate and get to know each other, needs to be in contact, to feel the other.

By hugging your Chihuahua, you reinforce your dog’s sense of domination. This is why he will be systematically aggressive towards his congeners.

2 – be patient

Usually, the first night after separation from their mother, Chihuahua puppies cry. You will need, as throughout his education, to show great patience, as it can last several nights and put a strain on your nerves.

However, to gain your dog’s confidence, it is essential to be available and gentle. You can offer him a basket near your bed so that he sleeps close to you, but don’t put him in your bed, otherwise he won’t understand that you want to part with it later.

Also remember to put newspaper on the ground nearby so that he can defecate. Good luck, because the first night may be short. But its adorable face more than compensates for this inconvenience!

3 – be uncompromising on what is prohibited

The Chihuahua being of a confident nature, it is necessary to teach him the prohibitions very early on and to remain firm with him. If he is not allowed to get on the sofa, for example, you must let him know as soon as possible, otherwise it will be more difficult to force it on him.

Indeed, a Chihuahua puppy requires firmness and rigor, do not trust its small size and its flirtatious look, because it uses its charms to make you weaken.

4 – be firm in all circumstances

The small size of the Chihuahua can lead you to miss behavioral differences, because this little fur ball is really cute. And it’s true, it has no equal to capsize the most hardened hearts.

But lacking firmness is a mistake that should not be made. You must know how to say “no” to him and temper his ardor so as not to end up with a dog with behavioral problems.

5 – stay consistent

When you train your Chihuahua, you must be consistent in the commands and the prohibitions. We can’t say it enough, but the Chihuahua is not a toy!

If, for example, you deny him the sofa or access to your bedroom, you cannot allow him the next day and deny him again the day after. Your dog would find himself lost by all his contradictions.

6 – reward him

When educating your Chihuahua, it is important to reward the exercises when they are successful, and not to scold them for failure.

Giving him a treat when he answers his name, for example, is a good solution to positively reinforce learning, but beware of being overweight, always sparingly!

7 – brief the children

The Chihuahua tolerates children well, but you need to teach them not to be too restless in their presence. Although the Chihuahua is cautious and not the type to literally be walked on, an accident due to its small size quickly happens.

In addition, like any animal or human being, the Chihuahua respects itself. If the kids heckle him too much, lug him around the house without his permission, your dog could become aggressive.

Well educated, the Chihuahua is not the grumpy dog ​​that barks at everything as you might imagine, even if it can make a good alarm dog against strangers On the contrary, your new canine friend will be a calm and very attached to his master. You have all the cards in your hands to educate a perfect Chihuahua, it’s up to you!