Educating a Golden Retriever: 7 Tips and Best Education Practices

The Golden Retriever is a very intelligent dog who quickly assimilates learning, which makes him a very easy pet to train. His docility, his malleability and his great listening skills make him a very good support dog. It is particularly widely used as a guide dog, but you can also make a very good adorable family dog ​​with children, a hunting dog or a helper for an elderly person.

However, as with any dog, there are good practices to follow for his education. Here are our 7 tips for an obedient Golden Retriever who is comfortable in his sneakers …

Tip # 1: start education young

Although it is possible to start educating the Golden Retriever late, starting to learn as early as possible will make it much easier for you. Indeed, he will not have had the time to develop bad habits that could be difficult to correct later.

In addition, although he is an adorable puppy, it is during his first year that he will give his adopted family the most trouble!

Tip # 2: toilet training

The Golden Retriever puppy needs to defecate regularly. Ideally, it should be taken out every hour at the start of its training. If this is not possible for you, you will have to teach him to defecate at a place that you designate.

You can put newspaper to materialize the place and never change it. As it grows, the outings will become less frequent and it will only do its business outdoors.

When you adopt a puppy, or even an adult, taking a week’s vacation if possible is a great idea to potty train faster, and get them used to your company.

Tip 3: learning the commands

The Golden Retriever tends not to be cautious, which can endanger it when walking or running away due to its great curiosity.

This is why he must be taught quickly to walk by your side, with or without a leash, to stop at the curb and come back when called. Orders should be simple, short, and may be accompanied by gestures and rewards to facilitate understanding.

Tip 4: games

Naturally playful, games will help stimulate your Golden Retriever dog and build trust between you.

You will be able to do a large part of your Golden Retriever’s education through these games. With the confidence accumulated, he will redouble his desire to learn and play, if only to please you.

Tip 5: be gentle

The Golden Retriever is a sensitive dog who does not tolerate reprimands and even less violence. His upbringing should always be kind and encouragement will give very good results.

An overly scolded Golden Retriever will lose interest in play or training. You can also give him treats to congratulate him, but sparingly. Indeed, the Golden Retriever is a greedy dog ​​who tends to gain weight easily.

Tip 6: devote time to it

The Golden Retriever is a very dependent human dog who will always be in demand of attention. You must therefore be able to devote time to it so that it creates a lasting bond between you and that it is fulfilled.

This will be positive for his education, while avoiding destructive behavior or running away. If your doggie is well in his pads, his education will be easier and lasting.

Tip # 7: don’t work if you don’t feel like it

If you are stressed, anxious, angry, or any other negative feeling, it is better to postpone your working session with your Golden Retriever. Indeed, the lack of patience and aggressiveness could be badly perceived by your dog.

Unintentionally, you could make mistakes and destabilize your companion. The training sessions must be done in a serene and warm atmosphere, with enthusiasm and good humor.

You can now safely harness the exceptional intelligence of your Golden Retriever. If you face any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact a dog trainer to support you in the education of your companion.