Educating the Bernese Mountain Dog: 13 tips and good education practices

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large dog with an impressive physique, but he is gentle as a lamb, obedient and of exemplary patience. We also like his kindness, his intelligence and his great loyalty which make him a ideal companion. It has so many qualities that it is also one of the dogs frequently used for the rescue of people. But for him to behave perfectly on all occasions, educating the Bernese Mountain Dog is necessary from an early age. His education must be carried out with a master hand, with skill and kindness, gentleness and firmness. This dog with a big teddy bear physique remaining a teenager much longer than the others, his education takes place over a fairly long period. Let’s do a check in.

Bernese Mountain Dog education: principles to respect

In adulthood, this mountain giant weighs about 60 kg and reaches a height at the withers of 66 cm for the male. As for the female, she can weigh a good forty kilos and display 63 cm at the withers. If this dog is not educated, it tends to only think of himself. It is therefore essential to take it in hand from an early age so that, once an adult, it does not pose a problem because of its template, whether with children or the elderly.

However, you should know that the Bernese Mountain Dog takes its time to become mature, to say the least. And this is undoubtedly where the difficulty lies in educating him. Her socialization requires a lot of availability and patience on the part of his master or trainer who must absolutely ensure that this large dog adopts a exemplary behavior and obey perfectly. Good results can only be obtained by observing the following good educational practices.

  • Have enough time to devote to your Bernese Mountain Dog each day.
  • Establish a relationship of trust with the dog.
  • Choose a word for each command, and never change it so that the dog can memorize it (Sitting, Kicking, Waiting, Bring, Stop, No…).
  • Be consistent.
  • Keep calm.
  • Be patient.
  • Do not scream.
  • Don’t be violent.
  • Avoid prolonging the exercises beyond the reasonable, namely 15 minutes at most, knowing that an education session always ends with a perfectly executed command.
  • Show perseverance.
  • Reward the dog each time he obeys a command, that he succeeds in an exercise, by a caress, encouraging words, his favorite treat (without abusing it).
  • Ensure that the Bernese Mountain Dog can obey all members of the family, each one having to learn to interact with the animal in the respect of good practices.
  • Reassure your Bernese Mountain Dog in all circumstances, whether in the presence of strangers or other dogs because, despite its extraordinary size, it is a coward. He must therefore be perfectly socialized to remain calm in their presence.

Not everyone can educate a Bernese Mountain Dog. You have to have free time on a daily basis, know good educational practices and have an iron fist in a velvet glove. It is possible to obtain many advice precious to a veterinarian behaviorist. But if you do not feel able to take charge of the socialization of this type of large dog, you should especially not hesitate to entrust the task to a dog trainer, an expert in the field.

Have your Bernese Mountain Dog sterilized as soon as possible

Except if you want to ensure the dependence of your Bernese Mountain Dog, it is preferable to have it sterilized, whether it is a male or a female. This allows to protect the animal against many serious diseases, to avoid unwanted litters, of fight against canine overpopulation, but alsoimprove behavior. It should in fact be known that the entire male Bernese Mountain Dog turns out to be particularly runaways. Castration is therefore the best solution so that it does not attack females in heat. This avoids neighborhood problems but also and above all that its mountain giant causes a accident or be a victim of it.

The dog health insurance reimburse sterilization. All you have to do is take out a contract as soon as you adopt the Bernese Mountain Dog after learning about the different formulas that you can discover in a few clicks thanks to the comparator of mutuals for pets. The process is completely free and without any commitment.