Egypt forced Ever Given to pay $ 900 million after being stuck in Suez

Egypt forced ship owners Ever Given to pay 900 million dollars after being trapped in Suez

The Egyptian court ordered the ship owner Ever Given to compensate $ 900 million for damages caused by the vessel’s recent trapped incident in the Suez Canal.

The Ever Given super ship escaped from a trapped position in the Suez Canal on March 29. Photo: AFP

CNN quoted Egyptian state news agency Al Ahram on April 13 that Egyptian officials had “locked up” the Ever Given super container ship after the ship was trapped across the Suez Canal for a week, from December 23. March to March 29.

According to the Suez Canal Authority (SCA), cargo on board Ever Given will be detained until disputes are resolved. The move on took place in the context of controversy about financial losses caused by the Ever Given incident.

A court in Egypt has asked the Japanese company Shoei Kisen Kaisha – owner of the ship Ever Given – to compensate 900 million USD for damages caused by the strand. Compensation above also includes maintenance fees and rescue costs, according to Al Ahram news agency.

The international rescue force worked around the clock to rescue the supership from its trapped position; and an urgent and global alert for ships moving through the area every day.

On March 29, nearly a week after the incident at the Suez Canal, the Ever Given was raised on March 29. The supership then moved to the nearby Great Bitter saltwater lake to test its ability to operate at sea and conduct repairs.

Shoei Kisen Kaisha said the insurance companies and its lawyers are reviewing the Egyptian claim. Ship owner Ever Given declined to comment further on this matter.

Meanwhile, UK Club, the company ensures maritime safety and insurance for Ever Given, on April 13, after the Suez Canal Authority asked the ship owner Ever Given to pay $ 916 million in compensation. The UK Club maintains that this entity has a third party liability for the Ever Given vessel, including the resolution of obstructive complaints or infrastructure problems. UK Club also confirmed that they are not the insurance company of the Ever Given super ship and cargo on board.

The Suez Canal Authority has so far not had any specific justification for the $ 916 million claim, of which $ 300 million “rescue bonus” and $ 300 million for “reputation damage. “.

The trapped incident did not cause pollution and caused no casualties. Super ship Ever Given escaped trapped position after 6 days of rescue and the Suez Canal quickly resumed traffic through this area.

However, in nearly a week the super-ship Ever Given stuck, more than 400 other ships could not move through the Suez Canal, including tankers and cargo ships. The cause of the stuck case is still being investigated by Egyptian officials.