Elec Weekend: Engie sentenced for “deceptive commercial practices”

The energy supplier Engie was condemned for “deceptive commercial practices” as part of its Elec Weekend offer which promised consumers 30% savings.

30% savings with Engie’s offer

The Paris court of justice condemned the energy supplier Engie for “deceptive commercial practices”, a conviction that comes after a complaint filed in 2018 by the consumer defense association, CLCV (Consumption, housing and living environment) . The complaint then referred to the Elec Weekend offer proposed by Engie and which promised 30% savings.

François Carlier, General Delegate of CLCV recalls what led them to file a complaint against Engie. ” We had indeed noticed that the “Elec Weekend” offer presented on Engie’s website did not fairly inform consumers about the associated tariff reduction “, He explains, estimating thereby that” this offer from Engie is representative of what has been going on in the energy market for several years “.

A multiplication of offers

In 2007, the liberalization of the energy market was to lead to lower prices for consumers. However, according to a study conducted by UFC-Que Choisir and published on May 20, 2021, on the contrary, electricity prices have risen sharply, 50% more in ten years. In addition, the report highlights that the difference between regulated sales tariffs (TRV) and so-called “market” tariffs estimated at 10/15% by suppliers was in reality only 6 to 7%.

Faced with this liberalization, suppliers are redoubling their inventiveness to impose themselves on the market even if it means falling into deceptive illegal practices. Thus, justice considered that the offer of Engie did not inform consumers enough. On the one hand, since it did not bring interest to the household which had not yet had the installation of the Linky meter and on the other hand, since the saving of 30% promised in the advertising was not accessible only on condition of a complex adaptation of consumption habits. Engie has decided not to appeal his conviction.