Elections cannot heal America’s wounds

Incumbent US President Donald Trump (right) during the election campaign in Jacksonville, Florida on September 24 and Democratic candidate Joe Biden speak at an event in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 25. (Photo: AFP / VNA)

Before the final official results of the US election, public opinion said that no matter who is elected president, the wound “the two America” ​​is increasingly difficult to heal, the leadership of the country will be very difficult. and poses huge challenges to America’s global status.

The Guardian calls US election is “cold civil war.”

According to an article published, at the present time, the Democratic and Republican proxies are like two worlds, with contradictions such as “men versus women,” black versus white people, “” youth versus the elderly, “” the countryside versus the city, “” Hollywood versus the Rust Belt “… made Washington lose control.

The wound is difficult to heal

To be fair, even when Joe Biden was elected, the wounds that were torn in American society could not heal immediately. “Trumpism” will certainly continue to exist, even in the form of even more outrage and violence.

Lee Drutman, a senior researcher at the Center for New American Studies, commented that over the past 40 years, the psychology of American dissatisfaction and distrust has increased. This is because the United States is only interested in political decisions at the national level but underestimates local micro-governance, so many MPs representing real local interests are difficult to win. enjoys a favorable position in the National Assembly.

Furthermore, the clear division of the Republicans and Democrats in the “urban / rural” and “free / conservative” regions also directly reduces the effectiveness and significance of elections in terms of find ways to solve social problems.

It is worth noting that in the last election there appeared campaign words like “doomsday,” something unprecedented in American history.

“This is very disturbing,” said Michael Bakun, a political researcher on extremism at Syracuse University. The way of thinking ‘if the opponent wins, the US will see the end’ is completely inconsistent with the historical tradition of America. “

Because generally the Americans would consider the assumed enemy that caused America to end up out of territory, such as the Soviet Union during the period. Cold War, rather than directly targeting the people of our country.

Professor Bakun also argued that concerns about acute respiratory infections caused by the new strain of the Corona virus (COVID-19), anti-racist protests, and a sudden economic slowdown have resulted in feeling of deep distrust towards the election. This also means that it will be very difficult for the US to unite in the short term.

The New York Times analyzed the severity of partisan disputes and political polarization in a recent article, arguing that regardless of the outcome of the election, both parties will face off. with chaos and uncertainty.

Experts Bruce E. Cain and Hakeem Jefferson working at the Faculty of Politics Stanford University, said that whoever enters the White House, effective leadership will be difficult, and this character “needs must find a good way to resolve political disagreements and get back to political equilibrium ..

Party or common interest?

According to Professor Cain, the two largest political parties in the United States no longer represent the opinion of the majority of the people, but each side represents the interests of a part of the group. Regrettably, the deeply rooted prejudice of the parties has hindered the country’s leadership, increasingly eroding the state regime and democratic values.

Another article in the New York Times even questioned: “Will America become a failed nation ?,” which mentioned the possibility of the Senate, which has long been not representative of Americans, will remain in the hands of the Republican party and will find all kinds of tricks to sabotage in any way possible when the Democrats hold the executive branch.

The US Senate does not really represent the American people because each state has two representatives, which means that the voice of a small state like Wyoming has only 579,000 people as “heavyweight” as the voice of a large state like California has a population of 39 million.

Analysis by FiveThirtyEight.com, a reputable website that specializes in American political research, shows that the Senate is now inclined to the right, and this is the main reason why Republicans will remain in control here. even if the Democrats win the presidential election.

Many have argued that the Republicans still controlled one of the two houses and even the Senate and the House of Representatives during the three-quarters of former President Barack Obama’s term in which America still existed, but the Republicans created a lot of barriers for the Obama administration at that time, with many tough tactics, including threats to push the government to default to force the White House to soon withdraw financial assistance policies. economic recovery slowed down.

According to calculations of researchers, without this problem, the US unemployment rate in 2014 would be at least 2 percentage points lower than the actual results. Right now America will need to spend a lot more budget than 2011 – when the Republicans held the House of Representatives.

With the COVID-19 still spreading rapidly, the US economy will be hit hard even if the state governments do not re-impose the blockade and the gap.

The US government should continue to spend federal funds on health, to support the unemployed and to businesses, including to support troubled states and local governments.

According to a recent estimate, the US needs to budget about $ 200 billion or even more each month until it can produce vaccines and therapeutic drugs to curb the pandemic. However, a Senate controlled by Mitch McConnel, the leader of the majority in the Senate, is unlikely to approve such plans.

Even when the pandemic is over, the US will still face the weakening of its economy and the urgent need to pour money into public investment. The fact that McConnel did not agree with the increase in budget spending on infrastructure construction, even when Mr. Trump was still in office, showed that there was no guarantee that this politician would be willing to cooperate with the Democratic President. Joe Biden. Of course, budget spending isn’t the only option.

Bauer can not stay cold in the US image 1
US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden at a press conference in Wilmington, Delaware state on November 6. (Photo: AFP / VNA)

The president can still advance his policies through an executive decree. Since the summer, strategists for Democrats have outlined hundreds of kinds of decisions that Mr. Biden can make without going through Congress.

Another worrying fact is that the seriously divided partisan balance in the Supreme Court and in Congress, shaped by McConnel, has broken conventional norms, with the most obvious example being very ratification. rushed the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett as Supreme Court Judge just days before the election.

According to the New York Times, Donald Trump’s failure in the re-election campaign means that the United States will avoid the risk of falling into dictatorship in the short term, but the risks are still too high, not because because Mr. Trump’s role is still there, but because the Republicans are now too radical and anti-Democrat.

In other words, when looking at a country operating with a political system paralyzed by the Senate as it is in the US, one can completely assume that this country is failing because the government is incapable of effectively control the situation of the country.

The inevitable crisis

The Atlantic commented that the political opposition also leads to the abuse of state power and judicial tools, and the candidate who wins the election will be difficult to reverse the institutional crisis of the US.

Meanwhile, CNN said that the US “can not go back as before” and no matter what the results are, that fact will also greatly affect the position of the US globally. Whether Trump wins or loses, one cannot quell the forces that shaped “Trumpism.”

The political chaos driving Mr. Trump’s rise could spur another populist president in the future.

Mr. Joe Biden once announced that he would quickly return to the Paris Agreement on climate change as soon as he was elected, would respect America’s allies and save the US economy, but damage to interests. and America’s status in the world is real, so whoever appeared in the Oval Office in January 2021, the European Union (EU) has begun to envision a world that cannot be. guaranteed by American strength.

The world situation has been changed because neither Mr. Trump nor Mr. Biden can bring America back to the state it was four years ago.

American economists all agree that even when there is no pandemic COVID-19Trade disputes are very likely to plunge the United States into a recession in 2020.

The Atlantic article reads: “America, a country historically able to unite unanimously on issues between the two parties such as promoting free trade, building a mighty international coalition that seems do not live. Whoever wins the election, America will become weaker ”./.