Electricity: the opening of the market is a “failure” for the CLCV – EconomyMatin

The association of consumers CLCV (Consumption Housing Framework of Life) is no slack in qualifying the opening of the electricity market, historically a state monopoly in the hands of EDF. She judges that it is quite simply a “failure” and that consumers have gained nothing … to the point of asking for the return of the monopoly.

Fewer services and aggressive business practices

In a press release published on March 10, 2021, the CLCV gives its analysis of the current energy market, liberalized since the Nome law of 2011. In 10 years, therefore, the observation seems overwhelming: if the fall in prices was real, it remains very limited since the operators “ just offer -6% »(Compared to regulated tariffs). On the other hand, underlines the CLCV, this decrease is accompanied by “ less services “And a multiplication” steps to increase this regulated tariff in order to increase their own price “.

But that’s far from the only problem: “ the only tangible action of alternative operators is a powerful recourse to deceptive and aggressive commercial practices », Writes the association which describes a canvassing which ” turns to bullying and lying “.

A return to the state monopoly ” desirable

After 10 years of openness, the electricity market is therefore far from keeping its promises of a significantly lower energy price for households. At issue: the absence ” breakthrough innovation »In energy which, unlike the openings of other markets such as telecoms, has made it possible to really change the situation.

The association therefore advocates a step backwards, by 2025, by putting “ an end to the cartel system which aims to promote competition at all costs “. A solution which will naturally lead to the return of EDF’s monopoly, the other operators not being competitive by themselves. The return to monopoly, the price of which will of course have to be regulated, can be explained simply by the fact that, in the absence of breakthrough innovation, there was no reason to liberalize the electricity sector in France.