Elon Musk is targeted by the “hacktivist” group Anonymous – EconomieMatin

In a video released over the weekend, alleged members of the Anonymous collective urged Tesla’s boss to stop tweeting about Bitcoin (BTC).

Tweets ” irresponsible on Bitcoin

On Saturday June 5, a video posted by Anonymous on social media targeted Elon Musk. The hacker group turned to the boss of Tesla for criticize his positions on Bitcoin : Elon Musk has “Destroy lives” by his “Irresponsible tweets” who recently agitated the crypto-currency markets, is indignant a character masked by Guy Fawkes in the video.

These followers of civil disobedience also accuse Musk of being “Another rich narcissist who is desperate for attention” and of “Constantly trolling” cryptocurrency markets. This review follows the billionaire’s decision to halt the possibility of exchanging bitcoins for Tesla on May 13, causing the value of the cryptocurrency in question to fall by 10%.

Reproaches and a warning

The boss of Tesla had explained to his followers on Twitter that bitcoin was very energy intensive, thus justifying its backpedaling by environmental reasons. The argument does not hold up according to Anonymous, who accuses him of making children work in lithium mines for his company.

Determined to discredit the billionaire, the hacker group clarified that Elon Musk would earn more money from government carbon credits, than by selling cars. They believe it was only out of self-interest that he changed his mind about bitcoin. “You think you’re the smartest person in the room, but you’ve encountered an opponent your size. We are anonymous. We are legion. Expect to see us ”, could we hear at the end of the video posted by Anonymous.

Elon Musk responded briefly via his Twitter account, posting: “Don’t kill what you love, save what you love”.