Emmanuel Macron announces a 4-week confinement and the closure of schools

The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, announced on Wednesday March 31 the establishment of national confinement for a period of four weeks, as well as the closure of schools.

Four-week national confinement

During his address to the French, Wednesday March 31, 2021, Emmanuel Macron announced that the restrictions already in force in nineteen departments would be extended to the entire territory from Saturday April 3, 2021 and for a minimum period of four weeks. . So, confinement will be put in place during the day and the curfew at 7 p.m. will be maintained. Believing that teleworking is the most effective measure against the spread of the virus, Emmanuel Macron calls for it to be systematized as soon as possible.

In order to simplify the procedures, a derogatory certificate will only be necessary for trips exceeding ten kilometers and those taking place during curfew hours. For trips taking place less than ten kilometers from home during the day, only a certificate of domicile will be required. In addition, the French wishing to change region to isolate themselves will be able to do so until Monday, April 5, 2021, that is to say at the end of the Easter weekend.

School closings for three weeks

Requested for several weeks by many elected officials, the closure of schools will be effective from Friday, April 2, 2021. There is no question of abruptly interrupting the learning of young French people. Emmanuel Macron specifies that ” next week, classes for schools, colleges and high schools will be at home, except for the children of caregivers and a few other professions who will be welcomed, as well as children with disabilities “. After this week of transition, and for ” the following two weeks, that is from April 12, the whole of France, whatever the holiday zone, will be placed on spring holidays. The start of the school year will therefore take place for all on April 26. “.

The start of the school year will be on April 26, 2021 in face-to-face for kindergarten and primary school students and in distance for secondary school students. who will gradually return to the school benches from May 3, 2021 with an adapted health protocol. Parents who cannot telework will be able to benefit from partial unemployment to look after their children.

Vaccination schedule and progressive deconfinement

Emmanuel Macron also addressed the vaccination campaign implemented a few months ago, estimating that to date 8.5 million French people had received a first dose of vaccine. A vaccination campaign that will not slow down, promises the Head of State: ” We put all the means to vaccinate, vaccinate without respite, without holidays. Saturday and Sunday, like the week “.

From April 16, 2021, French people aged 60 to 70 will be able to start being vaccinated and from May 15, 2021 this possibility will be extended to French people over 50. Emmanuel Macron specifies that ” From mid-June, the meetings will be open to all French people under 50 years old “. In addition, declaring himself sensitive to the difficulties encountered by the oldest in obtaining vaccination appointments, Emmanuel Macron announced the establishment of specific assistance measures.

Deconfinement will begin gradually at the beginning of May, details the President of the Republic: ” From the mid-May we will start opening again with some strict rules. We will authorize, under conditions, the opening of terraces and we will build, between mid-May and the beginning of summer, a calendar of gradual reopening for culture, leisure sports, events, our cafes and restaurants. “.