Emmanuelle Wargon expects to receive 800,000 MaprimeRenov ‘files in 2021

As part of the France Relance plan, the MaPrimeRénov ‘aid scheme has been extended to all households since January 1, 2021. The number of applications submitted has therefore jumped compared to 2020. The Ministry of Ecological Transition , which counted on 400,000 requests for the whole of 2021, now expects to receive more than 800,000.

An undeniable success

“MaPrimeRénov ‘is an undeniable success for home renovations”, welcomed the Minister for Housing on Tuesday, June 1, 2021, during the questioning session to the government at the National Assembly. “For this year, we had planned 400 to 500,000 cases, we are now at 300,000, our hypothesis is now between 700 and 800,000 applications for MaPrimeRénov ‘, supported by the recovery plan, said the Minister for Housing at the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

A device that will soon benefit landlord owners

Launched in January 2020 to replace the energy transition tax credit (CITE) for individuals, this new system benefited 200,000 households in 2020. The government has reserved two billion euros more than initially planned for this premium alone by the end of 2022. An amount that may not be enough, because if the system only concerns owners occupying their homes, it will be open during the year to owners who rent their property to someone else.

Emmanuelle Wargon also took the opportunity to recall the interest of this aid for energy renovation in terms of energy savings and the fight against greenhouse gas emissions : ” In four years, thanks to better progressive targeting of aid, we have increased by 50% – from 4.8TWh to 7.2TWh – the energy savings achieved by households, which allows us to be on our path on the Paris agreements », She clarified.