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We are living in very dark times, because reason is moving further and further away from those who make decisions that they impose on others in defiance of individual freedom, democracy or quite simply common sense as well as Science !

The mamamouchis from above are preparing to impose a 3rd progressive confinement on us and according to the latest rumors the confinement at 6 p.m. will be generalized to the whole territory which is nonsense, since there is no point in confining places where the virus does not circulate or little, and above all, these stories of curfews, are not based on any scientific study to measure its effectiveness. This is quite normal, because it always takes time to study, measure and quantify.

We have been suffering for a year now, the erratic policy of leaders who do not direct anything.

I’m not going over the history for you, but for the record we were treated to everything! The virus will never come to us. We are the best prepared. Masks should not be worn. There will be no containment. You have to wear the mask. Close the schools. Let’s open the schools. Let’s close the restaurants. Let us leave the school canteens open. What if we close the canteens? I pass and the best. It is unbearable amateurism and lack of sense of the state.

Meanwhile, our economy is collapsing.

Our artisans, traders, restaurateurs, businesses from dozens of sectors are collectively sinking.

The Parisian metro is possible, as are the crowded Marseille buses… but a cinema every other seat is impossible. In short, all this is delirium, even as the virus tends to mutate, that the vaccination is very slow and without certainty, without forgetting the possible side effects poorly measured today for a disease which kills 93% of over 65 years towards whom we should direct a targeted protection policy (FFP2 masks, tests, vaccination, etc.) and also containment policies since it is our seniors who seem to saturate hospital services, we still have to put the figures, weigh the data , and discuss it collectively to see how to protect the greatest number in terms of health, social and obviously also economic.

As for this vaccine story that we want everyone to do, it generates stupidity and stupidity at an unprecedented level. We have created a machine to produce stupidity in an industrial way… But sometimes it shows!

Praud’s most beautiful bug. pic.twitter.com/TbSWOOkfdA

-? Babar the Rhinoceros? (@Babar_le_Rhino) January 13, 2021

In short, those who are vaccinated have no fear of the unvaccinated. It is the non-vaccinated who can risk being infected, including by the “vaccinated” since it is not yet known whether the vaccine prevents transmission and contagion …

In other words, “we” succeed in making the vaccinated believe that they are afraid of the unvaccinated… remarkable. It is “Orwellian” at will.

Other corporate mamamouchis treat employees like dogs!

“Among the French employees of Essity, the management’s proposal to equip staff with beeping boxes in the event of non-compliance with social distancing does not pass at all! “

Essity is a Swedish group that manufactures hygiene products (Lotus toilet paper, diapers, Nana sanitary protectors, etc.) Source here.

And for good reason, as reported by several local newspapers in regions where the company is established, Essity wants to offer its employees to wear a case (at the waist or at the end of a cord worn around the neck, hence the idea of ​​a dog collar on which the CFDT is ironic) which emits a sound as soon as the distancing social security between two employees is no longer respected .

According to rumors the sound emitted would still be 85 decibels which is enormous.

We are entering there in the most absolute delirium. It is obviously health dictatorship, pandemic totalitarianism, call it what you want, but it is obviously unacceptable.

People are not animals, the other is not a danger to flee at all costs, we need social contacts, exchanges, interactions, we also need to touch each other, to love each other, to argue, to hate each other, or to come together, we need to laugh, sing and dance.

Life must be protected.

Life is fragile.

Every life counts. But a lifeless life is not life, it is no longer life.

Life carries with it a part of permanent danger, an inherent fragility, a finitude which makes it its strength, its rarity, its preciousness.

Living is dangerous.

Living means dying one day.

To live without life is already to die.

We are run by fools, liars, manipulators, and bad guys.

The restriction of freedoms has reached a point which should no longer leave any citizen indifferent. This collar story to respect social distancing must sound an alarm signal in all of us.

Stay tuned.

It is already too late, but all is not lost. Prepare yourselves !

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