End of 100% teleworking: the protocol for companies

On June 9, 2021, with the third phase of the gradual deconfinement of the French population, one of the last barriers to a normal life will jump: teleworking will no longer be 100% compulsory. Employees will therefore be able to return to the company’s premises… but not really under the previous conditions.

End of teleworking: the mask will still be relevant

The Ministry of Labor has unveiled the national protocol for the return to work of teleworking employees. What emerges is that if the employees will be in person, they will also be masked : wearing a mask remains compulsory, except in certain cases.

Thus, in addition to all barrier gestures, wearing a mask (general public or with superior filtration) is compulsory in Open Space, meeting rooms and living areas. Employees must also respect a minimum distance of one meter between them. The following are exempt: employees with an individual office when they are alone.

Wearing a mask is also compulsory:

– in the workshop, if the safety conditions (minimum distance of two meters including when traveling and with visor) and ventilation are not sufficient;

– outdoors: in the event of a crowd;

– in vehicles, for which use with a single employee is to be preferred by the employer.

Naturally, companies are required to comply with the rules for disinfection or even ventilation of the premises.

Towards a hybrid organization of work between home and office

While employees will be able to regain a semblance of office life, in particular thanks to the reopening of canteens or the authorization of festivities if necessary (always with respect for barrier gestures), they will not forget teleworking for all that.

Indeed, face-to-face return is not yet 100% authorized for employees who can be teleworked. Discussions must take place within the company to set a minimum number of days teleworked.