End of the essential / non-essential distinction and the site of the European Parliament. The 6 p.m. of January 25, 2021 from PolitiqueMatin.fr – EconomieMatin

End of the essential / non-essential distinction and the site of the European Parliament. Return on the political news of Monday, January 25, 2021.

Medef president calls to leave shops open in case of third confinement

The rumor of a third confinement swells, while Emmanuel Macron is expected to speak to the French on Wednesday January 27, 2021, the president of Medef Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux calls for the maintenance of the opening of shops in order to avoid a new economic collapse.

Guest of BFM / RMC on Monday January 25, 2021, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux calls for the search for the right balance in the event of re-containment. “ The real debate is how to ensure that this possible re-containment is not an additional disaster for the economy, which is already in dire straits. We learned from previous reconfigurations, and we learned in particular that in certain places, for example businesses, we could remain open without causing contamination. What we ask is to find the right balance “. A good balance that comes about by removing the distinction between essential and non-essential businesses.

One of European Parliament websites allegedly violates EU laws

It would make a good Kamoulox, one of the European Parliament’s websites does not comply with European Union rules enacted by the latter in terms of respect for private life. It is the Austrian activist Max Schrems who has embarked on a new fight for the privacy of Internet users and in his viewfinder, one of the sites of the Parliament calling for being tested against Covid-19.

Helped by six members of Parliament, the Noyb group led by Max Schrems lodged a complaint for non-compliance with European rules protecting the privacy of Internet users. Thus, the site would go against the rules on the transfer of private data to a third party and would not list all the cookies present on the site.

Stanislas Guérini offers a loan of 10,000 euros for young people aged 18 to 25

The general delegate of La République en Marche, Stanislas Guérini, must present Monday, January 25, 2021, a series of ten proposals on the theme of equal opportunities. Among them, the establishment of a loan of 10,000 euros for young people between 18 and 25 years old. A “young capital” to help precarious youth.

In an interview given to World, Stanislas Guérini presented his idea, to allow, via a zero rate loan, a young person in difficulty to devote himself 100% to his studies rather than having to share his time with odd jobs.

Material endowment of deputies increases by 15%

The deputies will see their material endowment increase by 15% in 2021, or 236 euros per month. A decision taken by the three quaestors of the National Assembly Florian Bachelier, Laurianne Rossi and Éric Ciotti.

The material endowment of the deputies allows them to pay their expenses of taxis, VTC but also their costs in telephony or postage. With this new increase, the allocation reaches 21,792 euros per year, which is more than the gross annual minimum wage which is 18,654 euros.

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