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A support and pre-diagnosis platform for endometriosis has just been developed. Her name is EndoZiwi. Free and personal, this online tool will support all women with “cancer that does not kill”.

“Endoziwig”, an online tool for women with endometriosis

In France, 1 in 10 women who are of childbearing age suffers from endometriosis. Although disabled, this disease is often diagnosed late, after 7 years on average. And once this pathology has been discovered, a long way remains to be done since it is necessary to make appointments with specialists, undergo exams, undergo an operation, etc.

EndoZiwig has been developed to enable women who suffer from endometriosis or who think they have it. This is a digital health platform developed by a Lyon SME, in collaboration with the Society for Gynecological and Pelvic Surgery (SCGP), and patient associations. It offers users ” reliable and validated information on endometriosis as well as personalized monitoring and coaching tools, for daily and individualized medical monitoring “.

A diagnostic aid for endometriosis and secure data

“EndoZiwig” uses new technologies and artificial intelligence to offer women a first diagnostic aid “With the creation of a medical file” structured and secure »Which will guide him« towards the health professional best suited to “their” endometriosis and its level of severity while taking into account the constitution of the care networks in progress in the territory “. According to the company, patient data is secure, in accordance with the general data protection regulation (RGPD) of the National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms (Cnil).

So far, “EndoZiwig” has been tested by 600 women for two months. It will soon be available in application. It is free, individual and has one objective: to support the user in the pre-diagnosis of endometriosis by facilitating and shortening the treatment process.

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