Ethic: How to finish the restaurateurs? – EconomyMorning

The ETHIC movement (Independent Human Size and Growth Companies) which includes among its members the GNI, the 1st Employer Organization in the Hotel Café Restaurant sector in Paris, is indignant at the latest sneaky “attack” against entrepreneurs, in this case restaurant owners: Taxing ephemeral Parisian terraces.

The City of Paris, in fact, announces that it is ready to draw the fiscal weapon against these business leaders who have bet everything on outdoor spaces to survive.

Remember that these ” terrace rights »Consisting in being able to enlarge them were advertised as ephemeral.

In addition, these terraces cannot be used from 10 p.m. so as not to upset the residents’ committees.

These same terraces will no longer be heated to satisfy environmentalists indifferent to the bankruptcies that, under the current circumstances, this would entail.

Whatever the generous aid from the government, that Anne Hidalgo take back with one hand what we have lent with the other, cannot be a crisis exit policy.