EU and UK disagree on post-Brexit divorce bill

After 47 years as a member of the European Union (EU), the UK officially withdrew from the bloc in early 2021

In a statement released on July 9, the European Commission (EC) said the union had completed an estimate of the cost of “divorce”, in the context of both Brussels and London making different calculations. .

Accordingly, last month the EU announced that the British government owed Brussels 47.5 billion euros ($56.5 billion) and needed to pay it back over many years. However, a spokesman for the British Government said that the country’s estimate of Brexit was still only between 41 and 45 billion euros. According to the official, London will not accept the higher figure given by the EU, and consider this as an estimate made by the EU “for its own sake”.

Meanwhile, an EU spokesman confirmed Britain had paid on time and in full the first amount of the bill worth 6.8 billion euros, due for 2021.

It could be the latest spat between the two sides, which are already at odds over many terms of the Brexit deal.

In early 2021, the UK left the EU after a long period of negotiations on cooperation and trade agreements. The UK has agreed to the payments, which largely reflect its obligations to EU officials to support pensions and sickness insurance.