Euro 2020: a sports failure with economic repercussions – economy

Announced as one of the big favorites of this Euro, came out first of the group considered the most complicated … The Blues were nonetheless eliminated by Switzerland in the round of 16. A surprise not without consequences, because beyond bringing to light the inability of the coach to manage his players, a recurring problem in the France team, such an early elimination from the national team will have serious consequences on the whole. tricolor football.

Certainly, this Euro 2020 will have been surprising in many respects, but if the complications related to its organization were impossible to predict, conversely, the failure of the Blues was quite predictable.

First of all, we can rethink the way Benzema was reinstated in the team. Without falling back into the legitimacy debate, whether or not he deserved to regain his place, the fact is that recalling just a few weeks before the start of the competition a player destined to become a starter is a mistake: the team did not have enough time to adjust and acquire the automatisms that are present in most of our competitors on the European scene.

Of course, the negative impact of the return of angel number 19 is not the only mistake made. We can also highlight the lack of playing time from the bench. However, the season having been more complicated and the climate not lenient during the group stage, injuries were to be expected … and the lack of confidence of the substitutes was just as much.

Same observation concerning the changes of formation between each match, Didier Deschamps has never managed to set up a system that works, nor to ensure that everyone is at the service of the collective, unlike 2018. The incidents in the stands between the families of the players say a lot about the problem of “management of egos”, so often associated with the France team.

Now, it is Didier Deschamps who could bear the brunt of this failure, like the German and Dutch coaches, but paradoxically, one year before the World Cup, replacing him with Zidane would send a negative message: the fact that the players ( not to say individualism) have the power to the detriment of the group, without forgetting either the significant financial cost of a dismissal, one year from the end of his contract.

The price of defeat

Obviously, this failure is not without economic consequences, because let’s not forget that the winner of the Euro can hope to win up to 28.5 million euros, a significant sum that the FFF badly needs.

Eliminated in the round of 16, the Blues will have pocketed only 12.75 million euros, far from the 32.5 million euros of the 2018 World Cup, especially since the sum will probably be reduced by 30%: in fact, this is the part reserved for players and staff. Some will argue that giving it up would be legitimate, both because we are still in a context of crisis, but also because it is no exaggeration to speak of failure. However, it should also not be forgotten that Les Bleus have been playing for free for the national team for two years now, so it is unlikely that they will give up their due.

The other problem is timing. Of course, you never plan your failures, but the fact is that the budget of the FFF is on the decline: there is a loss of 30.4 million euros in revenue between 2018-19 and 2019-20, due to the matches behind closed doors. As a result, the federation has a provisional budget deficit of 5.7 million euros, a first in twenty years that the players of the France team could easily have remedied: reaching the quarter-finals of the Euro would have made it possible to pocket an additional 2.5 million euros for example.

On the diffusers side, the impact is also heavy. The price of advertisements on TF1 and M6 during matches was obviously much higher if the Blues were still in contention. As an indication, the gross price of an advertising spot at half-time for the future semi-final broadcast on TF1 was € 280,000, if France was ever involved, it is now € 125,000.

On the final side, which will be broadcast on M6, an advertising spot broadcast during the break in the event of extensions would have cost the record sum of € 400,000… which has now plummeted to € 168,000. In summary, TF1 will lose between 3 and 5 million euros because of the absence of the Blues in the semi-final, and M6 can count on a net loss ranging from 6 to 8 million euros, for the whole quarter final and final.

That it seems far now, this summer 2018 during which the Blues were unanimous in the hearts of the French, and contributed to the influence of French football throughout the world.

From now on, only a questioning on the part of the players, or a strong decision on the part of the FFF, seem to be able to allow the France team to set off again on solid foundations for the World Cup. 2022.