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A year ago almost to the day, it was in May 2020, I told you in the article below of a very important information, and because very important, particularly little commented on in our mainstream media which are loaded , as you know, to inform us by always telling us the truth so that we can exercise our prerogatives as fully engaged citizens and in a manner as peaceful as it is enlightened. All those who could give a slightly different opinion are necessarily, according to my sister-in-law’s theorem, of horrible conspirators that should be brought back to the camp of good.

In short, a year ago, the European Court of Justice reframed the German Constitutional Court in a short press release, as laconic as it is unusual, the ECJ considers to be “the only one competent to note that an act of an institution of the Union is contrary to Union law ”.

European Court of Justice reframes German Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe

But the European Union does not want to stop there.

We must wring the hand of sovereign States, which are no longer sovereign, and the whole issue is precisely the recognition of this loss of sovereignty for the benefit of the non-democratic institutions of the European Union.

Germany targeted by proceedings for calling into question the primacy of European law

Here is what AFP said in this article reported by the Boursorama source site here.

“The Commission considers that a judgment of the German Constitutional Court depriving a judgment of the European Court of Justice of its legal effect in Germany constitutes“ a serious precedent ”.

The European Commission announced on Wednesday June 9 that it would open an infringement procedure against Germany following a resounding judgment of the Constitutional Court in 2020 which had called into question the primacy of European law over national law . The Commission, guardian of the treaties, considers that this judgment constitutes a “serious precedent” for the EU.

The Karlsruhe judges had, on May 5, 2020, demanded from the European Central Bank (ECB) that it justify the compliance of its public debt buybacks with its mandate, refusing to comply with the opinion of the Court of Justice of the European Union, which had validated the ECB’s program at the end of 2018. Seized by several Eurosceptic applicants, the German Constitutional Court considered that these debt buybacks had harmful effects on entire sectors of the economy, in particular savers penalized by very low interest rates.

“Violation of the fundamental principles of EU law”

In a press release published on Wednesday, the European Commission announces that it has “Decided to send a letter of formal notice to Germany for violating the fundamental principles of EU law, in particular the principles of autonomy, primacy, efficiency and uniform application of EU law” Union, as well as respect for the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice ”.

It is a battle around sovereignty and therefore democratic representativeness.

All the same, I hope that you have understood, whatever your European convictions, that we can all agree pro and anti-European Union, on the fact that in terms of democratic representativeness, the European institutions are deeply flawed. They organize the democratic impotence of the peoples who are only vaguely represented by a parliament which has absolutely no power.

This therefore poses the subject of democracy. For the moment, only the national level allows the citizens of each state to be heard and regularly through what are called elections to give electoral slaps when they are unhappy which is clearly more appropriate than presidential slaps. .

And so this question of the primacy of rights arises.

It may sound complicated or technical, but it is as always very simple.

It’s about who decides.

Who is the real boss?

Which laws apply in the last resort?

Is it those of Germany or in Germany those of the European Union?

The German Constitutional Court says “it is I” who decides.

The European Union answers, no it’s me and you apply.

Mocking Poles and Hungarians are watching this point carefully.

Germany finds itself at the foot of the wall and at a crossroads.

Will she abdicate her sovereignty officially and publicly and recognize that Germany is no longer sovereign, which basically means, my dear friends, that you are no longer sovereign either.

Germany’s response within two months will perhaps allow us to realize that nation-states no longer exist, that such was the “plan” and that now we live in the United States of America. ‘Europe in which we have no democratic possibility to express our choices.

It would at least be a sacred awareness.

I dare not dream of Germany saying that she remains sovereign in everything.

It would then be a boulevard for the French sovereignists.

Exciting case to follow.

It is already too late, but all is not lost.

Prepare yourselves !