Exceptional aid for precarious workers goes into extra time

Precarious workers who relied on the exceptional aid announced by the government in November were finally able to receive their first bonuses in early February. They will benefit from it until June.

This is good news for hundreds of thousands of job seekers: they will receive exceptional assistance of up to 900 euros per month until June. Originally, this bonus set up by the government in November, that is to say during the second confinement, was to concern the months of November therefore, but also December, January and February. Elisabeth Borne announced the extension of this device until June: the aid will also concern the months of March, April and May. ” Given the uncertainties related to the evolution of the health situation and the current difficulties of the labor market, I wanted this aid to be extended until the summer to protect precarious workers. », Explained the Minister of Labor at the microphone of RTL.

Up to 900 euros more per month

To benefit from this exceptional bonus, you must have worked at least 138 days on a fixed-term or temporary basis in 2019, which represents 60% of the annual working time, but who have not been able to recharge their unemployment insurance rights. in 2020 due to the epidemic. This additional income began to be automatically paid by Pôle Emploi on February 5 for the aid covering the months of November and December. The bonus for the month of January will be paid between 21 and 24 February. The February aid payment will be made at the end of March. And it will be necessary to wait until June to receive the aid corresponding to the month of May.

A measure worth one billion euros

With this extension, they will therefore be able to benefit from a minimum monthly income guaranteed by the State of 900 euros for 7 months. », Added Elisabeth Borne. The measure, the cost of which for public finances represents ” more than a billion euros “, Benefited 405,000 job seekers during its first payment,” including 165,000 young people under 30 », Specifies the Minister. Ultimately, up to 500,000 of them will be able to benefit from it.

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